10 Electric Cars With The Longest Driving Range

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What good is an electric car for you if you need to plug it in even when you want to go to the grocery shop?

It wasn’t long time before when folks in fact had these types of worries about the battery-powered cars.

Nowadays, you will certainly not have this kind of issues, making it to the store and back, even if you live 50 miles away from the closest grocery.

To be honest, electric cars are definitely adding range, elegance, and performance to their resumes on a yearly basis.

Mercedes Benz even deigned to enter the fray in 2014 with an electric car, and somehow it was slotted under its C and CLA classes, alphabetically speaking. At the same time, the Tesla madness keeps going and BMW and Toyota demonstrated their stripes in all-electric automobiles.

So, you can read which electric cars are the most effective in combination of the estimated range and their price, and who knows, maybe you will decide to take care for the environment and chose one of these cars.

10. Smart ForTwo Coupe: 68 miles ($25,000)

Smart ForTwo Electric Cars

The small Smart ForTwo will certainly not win any elegance competitions, however, it delivers up to 68 miles with a full charge.

Smart’s ForTwo is presently the only electric vehicle with a exchangeable alternative, and continues to be the tiniest, but also the most low-cost options for drivers who desire to go green. At a post-rebate cost of $17,500 and $0.96 in running charges for every 25 miles, it provides transportation on any budget.

9. Focus Electric: 76 miles ($29,170)

Ford Electric Cars

With the Focus Electric, Ford has a practical electronic car that is nowadays far more reasonably priced following a large price slash.

The electric Focus is also able to take you 76 miles on a full battery charge, and when opposed to the average new car that becomes about 23 miles per gallon (though for compacts it’s higher), a Focus Electric can spare owners approximately $9,000 in fuel charges during a period of 5 years and has now a post-rebate price of only over $22,000.

8. BMW i3: 81 miles ($42,400)

BMW i3 Electric Cars

BMW has the most Eco friendly manufacturing models for an electric car in its small i3 model.

The electric city car has an EPA-estimated range of 81 miles to make it attractive to anybody who is looking for a sporty green car.

7. Chevy Spark EV: 82 miles ($19,320)

Chevrolet Spark EV, Electric Cars

Chevrolet has the famous Volt as well as the Cadillac ELR standing on the low end of the scale at 35 miles of electric range (before their motors start working), but GM offered a lot more than double that figure in the subcompact Chevy Spark EV.

In fact, the Spark EV’s 82 miles of electric range established it like the car with the greatest “fuel” economy in the United States for 2014 at 119 MPGe.

Pricing dips is below $20,000.

6. Volkswagen e-Golf: 83 miles ($35,445)

Volkswagen e-Golf Electric Cars

Rated at 116 MPGe, this Volkswagen e-Golf is possibly the best EV on the market, although it does not provide the longest range.

Cars such as the i3 or the Nissan Leaf are specialized electric cars, the e-Golf is built on the exact same platform as its gasoline alternatives, and for that reason handles very much like how everybody might expect a Golf to handle.

It’s definitely a Golf first, and after that a electric car.

5. Nissan Leaf: 84 miles ($21,510)

Nissan Leaf Electric Cars

Lots of electric-powered cars came on the market since the Nissan Leaf premiered, then again, there are just a few in a position to overcome this EV in electric range.

Untill the Kia Soul EV makes its U.S. release, the Leaf will remain to keep a place in the top 5 with 84 miles of electric range.

4. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive: 85 miles ($33,950)

Mercedes B CLASS EV

The Mercedes Benz entry into the all-electric car world is significant on several points.

Valued close to the BMW i3, it provides a look at how less luxurious and smaller EVs from the big German brands will fare compared to the Tesla Model S.

This middle variety of electric cars only have a few entries, but the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive is getting a step to reach the top with 85 miles of electric range.

That slot it right around the e-Golf, and the B-Class also makes use of a Tesla-derived drivetrain to cart it around.

3. Fiat 500e: 87 miles ($32,300)

Fiat 500e Electric Cars

Fiat’s mini electrical car has a lot more style than the Smart ForTwo coupe while offering a significant range and efficiency.

Ready to reach 87 miles on a full charge, the Fiat 500e provides owners around $9,500 in fuel savings over five years of running. With that figure in mind the $32,300 price point creates a bit more sense.

2. Toyota RAV4 EV: 103 miles ($49,800)

Toyota-RAV4 Electric Cars

Toyota’s RAV4 EV has many honors worth taking into consideration.

Apart from slotting in at second place in electric range at 103 miles, RAV4 is the most efficient utility in the United States with an EPA-estimated 76 MPGe.

Valued close to $50,000, there are going to be many people who look at the RAV4 EV as a too expensive, but the $8,000 in fuel savings over five years may guide many auto buyers to think again.

1. Tesla Model S 85 kWh: 265 miles ($69,900)

Tesla Model S Electric Cars

The Tesla Model S successfully jump-started the electric car industry, which was lying dormant under some not successful efforts to make the segment appeal to the mainstream.

The Model S range will be different according to the model, but the 85 kWh model is the master of the roost with a rating of 265 miles.

It’s significantly higher priced, however, its big benefit in cost per mile of electric range, and this makes the Model S a value at its price point.



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