10 Longest-Lasting Cars That Will Go Beyond The Promised

Nissan Maxima, longest-lasting cars

Today we are all aware of the fact that having a car is not a big luxury, but it’s an everyday need.

And probably if you are considering buying a new car, or perhaps replacing the old one, for sure you will be interested about the fact which car can offer the best quality in all segments, like comfort, safety but also, which are the longest-lasting cars.

By using a group of 30 million classified ads that were published by using its channels, iSeeCars.com is in a position to find out which cars — or trucks and SUVs — are rolling on the road the longest, judging by the percentage of a certain vehicle with an odometer that has a reading of 200,000 miles or more.

Listed below are the 10 longest-lasting cars, per iSeeCars.com‘s data.

10. Subaru Outback

With 0.8 percent of the Subaru Outbacks for sale on iSeeCars.com, the wagon-turned crossover starts the list of the top ten cars with more than 200,000 miles on the clock.

Subaru is a manufacturer that produces perfect cars for outdoors enthusiasts, using their standard all-wheel drive, efficient and practical interiors, and torquey boxer-format engines.

It makes it all more amazing, then, that so many vehicles exposed to the wilds live to see the big 200K.

9. Acura TL

Honda has a long reputation and a talent for creating reliable vehicles, and the Acura luxury line is no exception.

An even 1 percent of all Acura TLs for sale on the site have breached the 200,000 milestone, implying that more sensible, casual performance-oriented luxury cars might be the key to longevity.

Given that the TL isn’t as potent as its German competition, it can be argued that less thrashing might explain its longer lifespan.

8. Honda Civic


The Civic is among the Honda’s best-selling models and it finds the place on the list as the next longest-lasting cars, according to the data. It is tied up with the Acura, curiously enough, at 1 percent.

Still, it needs to be mentioned that the Civic is a much higher-volume car than the TL, and that is why the same rate features a greater number of cars.

6. Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry was one time considered as being one of the most trustworthy, longest-lasting cars on the market, but that distinction is getting more and more hard to measure.

The Camry barely leads in front of the Acura, Honda, and Ford, with 1.1 percent of the available vehicles on the site having achieved or breached the 200,000 mile marker.

The Camry happens to be America’s best selling car for some time, many times slipping just behind the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado.

5. Nissan Maxima


Even though it’s the Nissan Altima that is often on the country’s best selling list every month, it’s the Maxima, its larger brother, that is evidently going the distance.

Tied with the Camry, 1.1 percent of the Nissan Maximas for sale through iSeeCars have surpassed the 200,000 mile limit, though compared with the Altima, the Maxima is again a lower-volume vehicle.

4. Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey, longest-lasting cars

With the biggest range of abuse that most minivans take from the inside (naturally, that is just what they’re made for), it’s pretty extraordinary that anybody keeps on to them for longer than 200,000 miles.

However, about 1.2 percent of the Honda Odysseys — probably among the most respected members of the minivan group — for sale on the site have surpassed that milestone, placing it just outside the top three.

3. Toyota Avalon


It’s funny how, Toyota’s Avalon sedan — the largest it makes — possesses a better rank of longevity than the relatively bullet-proof Camry, as 1.5 percent of the vehicles are over the 200,000 mile hump.

One idea of ours is that maybe in the past, the Avalon was commonly popular among older drivers and buyers, which in turn translates into fewer miles driven at a time, less wear-and-tear, and a increased gentle approach to driving in overall.

2. Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy, longest-lasting cars

Such as the Outback, the Legacy is geared to the way to an outdoor lifestyle, although maybe not to the level that its wagon brother is — and partially explanatory of why 1.5 percent of Legacy cars currently on sale on iSeeCars.com have past 200,000 miles, opposed to just 0.8 percent for the Outback.

The Legacy is missing the body paneling, higher ride level, and soft-road credentials of the Outback, which might possibly give the answer why more of them are lasting longer, as they are most likely used for more smooth road conditions.

1. Honda Accord

Just following the Legacy was the Honda Accord, having a 1.6 percent rate of over-200,000 mile vehicles currently the market.

The people who owned one, already know; and those who haven’t, the data seem to back up what has been said for the last several years — many years, still — regarding the Accord being among the most reliable and longest-lasting cars on the road.


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