One-Off: 1970 Dodge Challenger “Insidious” (Huge Gallery)

1970 Dodge Challenger

Probably there is something to be said about converting nothing into something…

….even when that ‘nothing’ was once a 1970 Dodge Challenger.

With many years gone by, a vehicle like the Challenger is possible to lose some of its edge in case it’s just sitting in a garage and collecting some dust.

A few years back, a guy called Dave Salvaggio dusted up an old Challenger and proceeded to rework and rebuild it, finished in what is being sold at R&H Collections as the “Insidious” Dodge Challenger.

A fitting name, Insidious, considering that this car looks all too menacing and sinister once you find out what changes Salvaggio did to it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and even in the situation when something, sometimes looks like there’s no cause for hope that it could be restored back to its earlier glory…

…we find a great reminder from Salvaggio that even in the most rusted states, a car can always be shined up again of course if it is handled from the right pair of hands.

1. Exterior & Interior

The Insidious Challenger’s exterior gets quite a makeover.

(check the gallery below)

Firstly, a black pearl paint finish was given to the car with complementing olive and sandstone pearl shadings.

The door handles, roof rail moldings and trim pieces were totally shaved off.

The muscle car’s taillights and grille were built from scratch, and the bumpers, fenders and hood all replaced with new materials.

The wheel arches have been reshaped and added with flush fitting glass.

Tire choice turned out to be a set of Symbolic TS15 20-inch wheels with Pirelli P-Zero tires – 245/35/20 at the front and 275/35/20 at the back.

When it comes to the Challenger’s interior, the makers take out the polyester carpeting and the vinyl, replacing them with leather and Wilton Wool.

High-grade Alcantara was also applied in the interior with the seats being treated to Spinnebeck leather with suede inserts.

Talking about leather, some other parts of the interior, such as the Tuff steering wheel and the dashboard have also been lathered up.

Green-gold inserts were also added to the steering wheels and the doors, as well as new gauges courtesy of Classic Instrumentation.

Finishing the whole interior detail off is an all-new Pioneer DVD sound system.

2. Performance

(don’t forget the gallery below, it’s a huge one)

The Insidious 1970 Dodge Challenger is driven by the 426 Hemi crate engine courtesy of recognized motor tuners Mopar Performance.

The engine is paired with a Tremec TKO 600 transmission and offers an output of 575 horsepower.

Along with that, the makers also included a custom exhaust system, custom headers and a Hillborn EFI.

Also, the chassis has been completely retooled to harness the engine’s power with the inclusion of a four-wheel independent suspension and coilover springs.

3. Pricing

This one-off custom Challenger is being sold by R&H Collectibles for a great sum of money – $159,000…

…which is about $40,000 more than the Shelby GT500CR being sold by Classic Recreations.

4. Comptetion

As a pretty compelling competitor for the Insidious Dodge Challenger 1970 can be taken the aforementioned Shelby GT500CR by Classic Recreations mentioned above.

Both cars are built and have a specifications which are pretty close in comparison, but the Challenger does have approximately 25 more horsepower than the GT500CR…

…which, if you actually consider all the things, does not really justify the added $40,000 on the price tag.

But it’s a Dodge, not Ford so there I approve the $40,000, hehe.

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