Here Is The 2014 Hybrid Lexus ES 300h Review

2014 hybrid lexus

Lexus is on the strong side with the 2014 Hybrid Lexus ES 300h because it managed to make a fine seamless hybrid system and maybe the only downside to this car is that the company for the high price of $40,410 offers some of the leather upholstery, and a backup camera as optional.

Lexus is a sought-after name in the luxury car department and with it’s hybrid Lexus ES 300h it has almost all of the market covered.

The hybrid by itself has all the grace and luxury that Lexus can offer. A lot of people have reported that the driving is somewhat unusual but you can’t expect a supercar performance from a hybrid to begin with.

This said, the hybrid system of the 2014 Lexus ES 300h includes multiple driving modes.

For your pleasure there are settings like Eco, Normal, Sport and EV. The car starts in Normal mode when you turn the key. With every other settings there comes a different feel to the pedal. Eco unlike Normal mode greatly diminishes the response of the gas pedal. On the other hand the Sport mode switches the hybrid power meter in the instrument panel to a tachometer and gives the driver a little more power. Maybe the best one for me is the EV mode that puts the car on electric power. If you love speed than this mode is not for you, but then again you bought a hybrid and this mode will has only slow speeds that are perfect for short distances.

The ES 300h starts at $40,410 and comes with a $910 destination charge. This also includes push-button start, aluminum wheels, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, Bluetooth and a USB port, power front seats, a power moonroof. You can get the optional package features: heated and ventilated front seats, a navigation system with a backup camera, a power tilt/telescoping steering wheel and bamboo wood trim for $44,710.

The ultra luxury package includes bamboo trim leather, driver passenger memory seats, heated and ventilated front seating, rear sunshades, ambient lighting power, tilt telescope steering wheel.

One other thing that comes optional with the ES 300h is the Lexus’ Remote Touch interface. It is controlled by a mouse-like input on the center console that moves a cursor on the dashboard screen. It basically works like a computer mouse. The interface gives the Remote Touch that rivals Mercedes’ Comand and BMW’s iDrive.

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