The 2015 Challenger Makes Best Sales Ever in April

challenger outsells camaro

Chrysler Group had a happy month this April and managed to sell exactly 6,771 Dodge Challenger models.

They can also be proud that April is officially the best sales month ever for the modern era of the Challenger.

Also, for the first time in history Challenger outsold the Chevy Camaro.

We can say with certainty that the 2015 Dodge Challenger had only minimal upgrades.

The key changes can be noticed on the grille, the interior and the taillight.

Then again these changes with the addition of the Scat Pack and Hellcat models…

… which resulted in some massive growth in sales figures.

Increasing The Figures For Whopping 32%

The April sales show that 6,771 copies were sold increasing the figures for amazing 32%.

This is a big improvement over the strong March 2015 when the Dodge sold 6,110 Challengers.

Since the Challenger was reintroduced as a 2008 model those Dodge Challenger models sold last month are a record breaker since the Chrysler Group made a lot of people happy with the muscle cars.


Dodge defacto had the strongest first quarter for the Challenger and so far, the automaker has sold 22,728 Challenger…

…that’s 41% better than the sales figures through the first four months last year.

And with an average of almost 5,700 units per month, the 2015 Challenger could challenge best sales year ever for the nameplate, which came back in 1970.

The record from 1970 still hold it’s ground with an impressive figure of 76,935 Challengers sold.

On the other hand, the modern Challenger will have to sell the vehicle in a string of months to even come near the 77,000 unit mark.

Even More Strong Sales to Come

Тhe standard demand for the handsome 2015 Dodge Challenger is fulfilling the thousands of orders for the powerful 707 horsepowers Hellcat Challenger.

There are estimates that more than 9,000 orders have been placed for the Challenger and Charger models with the Hellcat Hemi…

…but it is unclear as to how many have been delivered this far.

Even if only half of those are Challengers, that is a massive number of cars which will help the sales numbers throughout the rest of the 2015 calendar year.

There’s also the factor that might just help keep the sales of the Challenger to be at a rising pace throughout this calendar year with the arrival of the 2016 models later this year.

This version like the rest will almost certainly come with some minor upgrades.

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Coupe, 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Review

Dodge scored fantastic results with the special edition packages and the sweet color-themed packages and we can expect that it could arrive later this year like a 2016 model year.

While the 2015 Dodge Challenger might not ever outsell the legendary 1970 version, it’s very likely that we might just see a rise in the monthly sales records during this year.

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