Here Is Why 2015 Challenger Hellcat SRT Will Be Delayed

We opened our hearts a few weeks back and wrote about why we love the 2015 dodge challenger srt hellcat and boy we were excited for its release. But now a dark cloud has appeared for the people that are expecting this car the most. The Forum members of ho have been waiting on the 707-horsepower monster to be delivered on their driveways are now in limbo because they don’t know when their cars will be delivered. The problem is more specific to say the least, all of the buyers that opted for satin-black hoods, have had their orders delayed with little or no explanation.


A lot of people have also been contacted by their dealerships, saying that delivery of the 2015 dodge challenger srt hellcat would be delayed until as late as February 2015. There is seemingly no problem if they want to switch their order to a body-color hood.

Well we might add that it’s a shame that the only problem for these people to get their vehicle as scheduled is the shortage of satin-black hoods.

We all know why people choose this types of hood. Of course the mighty 700 horsepower looks even meaner and monstrous with the satin-black hood. And of course if you want to be among the first to buy a Hellcat, it should be a Hellcat the way you want it.

You can say that this  mean machine doesn’t need any more attitude but still you can’t judge the buyers for wanting what they paid for.

Did you put in an early-bird order for a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat? Has your delivery date been mysteriously pushed back over and over with nary an explanation head on to the forum thread on there are a lot of people like you that feel your pain.

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