Few 2015 Challengers Are Recalled Over an Airbag Issue

Our loved automaker best known as Chrysler Group has some trouble up their alley.

When you are in a hurry to put on the best you got…

…mistakes are going to happen.

The automaker recalled a dozen 2015 Challenger cars because there is concern that part of the airbag system is not functioning as planned.

This might be due to the fact that the system was not installed correctly.

Despite being a small issue, of course this is a big deal.

Quantity over Quality

In any case if the airbag is not properly installed, it will surely not provide the proper protection in case the vehicle is involved in an accident.

This is not the first, but hopefully it will be the last recall we see from our beloved automakers.

Recall issues over the past 10 years also forced both Toyota and General Motors to ship back their vehicles.

We live in an age that when the automobile industry has any sort of concern in their production they might as well do a recall no matter how minor or irrelevant the risk is.

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That’s why Dodge also joins the recall wagon for exactly 81,  2015 Dodge Challenger cars. In a statement, Chrysler Group issued that this is a voluntary safety recall.

They are going through with the action even though there haven’t been any reported problems with the airbag system in the real world while in the hands of private owners.

The issue was discovered during a routine test

This issue was discovered by the Chrysler Group during a routine internal testing.

It was stated that the bolts designed to secure the passenger’s side curtain airbag in place apparently were not tightened correctly or get this, they may not be present at all.

Due to the location of the side curtain airbag in the Challenger (and most other vehicles) in the headliner trim, the side airbag system could be improperly secured and since it is covered, owners wouldn’t be able to see any problem.


In the event of a powerful side impact or even worse a rollover, the loose side curtain airbag that wasn’t properly bolted up could open incorrectly or even not open at all…

…increasing the risk of injury by drastically reducing the protection.

Quality control found this problem on a batch of 2015 Dodge Challenger models all constructed during a 10-day period, although there was no detailed information on the exact build dates.

Only in North America, Canada and Mexico

All we know from Chrysler Group is that around 81 Challengers are recalled…

…and this figure is only for North and Central America.

From the batch, 72 cars are shipped within the United States. While other countries got just a handful of these cars. Canada rolled back 6 vehicles while Mexico sent back only 3 Challengers.

What’s still unknown is what trim lines are included in this batch.

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Knowing how the modern production line functions, there is a good percentage that there are different versions of Challengers in the group that has faulty or missing airbag bolts.

For the people owning those 81 Dodge Challenger units around North America…

…they will be sent back at the dealership and a technician will make sure that the passenger’s side curtain airbag is properly installed and bolted up.

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