72 Dodge Challengers Recalled For One Missing Bolt

We have some news coming from Dodge.

They are recalling 72, 2015 Dodge Challenger cars because of a missing rear bolt on the driver’s side airbag inflated curtain (SABIC).  This missing rear mounting bolt could affect the deployment of the airbag in a side or rollover crash.

Dodge also claims that the problem ended up being caused by a part-time installation plant worker who simply was not aware about the rear bolt on the Challenger. The actual worker had been trained on a machine for the Chrysler 300, not the 2015 Dodge Challenger the worker was building.

Also, this mistake wasn’t noticed from a team leader before the cars left the plant.

The recalled Challengers were manufactured in the period of March 28, 2015, to April 1, 2015.

Owners of the recalled 2015 Dodge Challengers should have been notified by now. Dodge dealers will look for a left “C” pillar SABIC rear bolt. Those cars coming with a missing bolt will have a new bolt installed.

Challengers that do not have a missing SABIC rear bolt must have the existing bolt tightened to the proper specification.




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