The roaring and budget-friendly 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus (Gallery)

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus Review

You want a budget car, but you want to drive in style and don’t mind a V6 engine?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

We offer you a review of the finely tuned V6 powered 2o15 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus.

Then again who wouldn’t want a powerful muscle car that also shares some quality specs with the powerful V-8 brethren, the Hellcat.

We can surely say that the mighty SXT Plus is a sheep in wolf’s clothing with a 3.6-liter, 305-horsepower V-6 engine that delivers а serious kick.

Well I’ll be damned if going from 0-to-60 in just six seconds flat is not a big deal…

…and to top it all it will work wonders for you economically speaking when paired to the thirsty V-8 of the Hellcat.

$3000 Worth of Upgrades


Dodge doesn’t stop the motor, and the Challenger is packed with a smooth-shifting new eight-speed automatic transmission that improves the SXT Plus’ mileage and at the same time knocks off half a second off its 0-to-60 time.

2015 dodge challenger sxt plus review

The SXT Plus is actually an upgrade to the base version of the SXT with around $3,000 worth of upgrades.

You can see all of this in the exceptionally sporty and handsome interior.

Not only the driver but the passenger as well is exceptionally good looking…

… and of course, keep in mind that this is a vehicle starting at $30,000.

Oh boy, you’ll even get power sports seats employed with premium Nappa leather and they are also heated and ventilated for your an even better driving comfort.

But guess what else is heated?

The steering wheel, and for maximum safety there’s also a parking assist tech and a rear camera.

Eye candy Interior

The interior is full of eye candy benefits. Dodge employed everything from quality materials, soft-touch surfaces, and the necessary connectivity technology.

What you get with the Challenger and the other automakers lack is the actual size of the car.

The Challenger is a bit bigger in the inside than other competitors.

For example, the fine looking Chevrolet Camaro and the muscular Ford Mustang are tighter in the back.

You can actually turn your knees in the back of a Challenger which is not the case with the Mustang or the Camaro.

And for all of your stuff there’s a 16.2-cubic-foot trunk.

The only thing that has a retro touch is the gauges which if you ask me gives it a sleeker look.

On the other hand, the interior SXT plus is surprisingly modern.

The exterior design goes way back drawing from the iconic ‘70 Challenger.

Notable parts are the hooded headlights and the split grille giving you that tingling nostalgic feeling.

The car has all it’s muscle pumped and ready, right down to the functional air scoops on the hood.

As We Said, It’s Bigger than the Mustang and Camaro

The sports suspension and performance low-aspect tires mounted on huge 20-inch alloy rims promise a competent and fine handling. However the size of the car and roughly 3,900-pound curb weight you maybe won’t feel the drive be as light as the one on the smaller Mustang and Camaro.


What’s awesome on this version of the Challenger is that essentially is a grand tourer…

…and with that it has the elements of a stable car ready to own the highway.

We can also say that this redesigned Challenger is focused on safety.

When The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published its concern that the 2014 model has a rather weak side impact protection…

Dodge quickly decided to add reinforcements to the next models.

Doing this they succeeded to make the 2015 model earn a five-star rating and, of course, this is the highest the Administration gives.

If you want things to be even safer you can add the $995 Safety Technology.

This includes adaptive speed control, automatic high beams and forward collision warning.

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