Xcar Flogs the 2015 Ford Focus ST (Video)

2015 Ford Focus ST

We talked about the Focus RS and presented a lot of reasons why to buy this Euro American car, now we can’t get our eyes from it’s other version the Focus ST. Put them side by side you can’t really decide which one to drive back home and worship. Now seriously, the Focus ST is combining a high fun-to-drive factor with the versatility of a four-door hatchback.

A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that cranks out 252 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque is standard, as is a six-speed manual gearbox. With the ST you’ll definitely get decent efficiency and value. There is still the problems a lot of experts point out that are concerning the torque steer and the optional MyFord Touch which by some is far too confusing.


People in the US can’t really come through with the fact that the Ford, an all american brand has a totally different following in other parts of the world especially Europe. This love is especially noted among Britons, and this only justifies the fact that the 2015 Ford Focus ST Hatchback is making the debut over there.

New Front Fascia

The new front fascia of the ST has endured a really neat makeover and being a 2015 Ford Focus ST Hatchback and sedan, is a whole lot refreshed. The first thing that strikes the eye is the set of sleeker headlight units that transfer a sharper  and a bit more aggressive.While the two other version the ST2 and ST3 have trim levels, HID headlights, LED running lamps are standard.


The grille is slightly larger, but it retains approximately the same overall shape. Gone, however, are the thin, fang like elements that split it into three sections. While the exterior is packed with a refreshed look, the interior also gets a few updates of its own.The redesigned center console now looks even better and comes with an improved interface climate-control, on top of that you get a hub where you can charge your smart devices.

Ford says that the change the USB port and now it charges two times faster, and revised door inners and with that you get cup holders. You’ll have the privilege to control the car with a fine steering wheel covered with leather. Another option you get as an alternative is the heating, and also you get an eight-way adjustable seat. This makes it easy for the drivers of all sizes to get comfy and to find an optimal driving position.

One of the main visual differences between the basic 2015 Ford Focus ST Hatchback and the ST2  are the seats that are covered in dark fabric, while the ST2 also has leather and the drivers can choose from several colors like Performance Blue, Tangerine Scream, Race Red or Smoke Storm for the bottoms and side bolsters.  If you want black leather than the ST3 is the right pick for you because the whole interior is made up of it. Another thing that is different in the ST2 and ST3 are the front seats that are actually a Recaro edition.

EcoBoost Turbocharged Four And Six-Speed Manual

To evolving driving dynamics of the 2015 Ford Focus ST are actually a technology that the automaker took from the Ford Team RS, the European arm of Ford’s Global Performance Vehicle group. There are several tweaks that are visible and under the hood. This includes new front springs, damping characteristics that are focused on the sport performances. The returned electric power steering is here to make an even better driving experience.


Under the hood you will once again see the 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged four and six-speed manual transmission that runs on 252 horsepower.One of many valuable pieces of the technology that Ford has made and we will definitely see it in the 2015 Focus ST is the Ford Sync. With it comes a developer-friendly Sync AppLink.

Ford proudly says there at the moment there are more than 60 AppLink-enabled Android and iOS apps available. Of course you are not buying a car because it will be connected to the Internet of Things, but still we can say that this beauty has everything inside and out.



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