Girl, Here Is How To Drive Your 2015 Ford Mustang (Ford Speed Dating Commercial)

2015 Ford Mustang Speed Dating, Ford speed dating commercial

Leave it to Mustang to have a PR stunt that will really make you laugh, and with Valentine’s Day approaching fast, you probably expected a lovely commercial where you would see two lovebirds in a mean Mustang. But the Ford speed dating commercial is so much different than that, and we just love the girl who by the way is everything but an amateur, and how she played out her role in this Mustang episode of tire and smoke.

The script is straightforward, the team set up a date with a bunch of unsuspecting guys at a coffee shop with a really gorgeous blonde girl. She engages in a chit-chat and then asks if the guys want to leave with her. The guys don’t know what are they getting themselves into and with some of them proud alpha males sit next to her in a 2015 Ford Mustang. Being a good actress as she is good looking the girl acts like she is really uncomfortable with the stick shift, and of course some of the men pass on their masculinity as a response to the weak lady.

Of course everything is a set-up, the beautiful lady is a professional stunt driver, who  drives them to nearby deserted parking space and thrashes the hell out of the tires and of course shakes the guys (one of them seemed like he was going to cry).

The guys surely were lousy at their first date, but giving them credit for the effort and one things for sure they’ll think twice what they say next time they go on a blind date with a beautiful blonde.

Seriously guys, you never tell a stunt woman that wild that you are a ninja or that you tend to be outgoing. The macho man that wanted to show the lady what he can do with the car was left with his mouth wide open and at the end admitted the she was a better driver than him. Of course this is not a video to show off that men are lousy at a date but it show how a woman can drive a really mean and massive car with the same ease as every other guy.


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