2015 KIA K900 V8 Review

2015 kia k900

KIA with the new luxury 2015 KIA k900 joins a large row of flagship sedan vehicles and wants to mesmerize drivers who prefer their luxury sedans to be big and quite comfortable.

KIA’s first rear-wheel-drive sedan launched in South Korea in 2012, the five-passenger, four-door 2015 KIA k900 sports has a fine but yet aggressive exterior styling.

An interesting fact is that the sedan shares most of the K900 KIA interior and exterior design elements with the Hyundai Equus which a lot of people call a platform-mate to the K900. But does the car have the chops to be considered alongside other so-called “flagship” sedans.


This is definitively a value car when it comes down to price. Тhis“value” plays a big part of the 2015 KIA k900’s appeal. The standard 2015 KIA k900 V6 pricing starts at $51,480 and of course all prices include freight and pre-delivery inspection fees.

You are probably wondering why a KIA would costs that amount of money but we assure you that this beauty is worth every penny. The best part is actually when you start adding up high tech features the price doesn’t skyrockets like other Japanese or German competitor cars. A fine example of this pump up in price and features is the BMW 7 Series.

The standard version of the 2015 KIA k900 with a V6 comes with a power trunk lid, heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear outboard seats, a power rear sunshade, a 17-speaker Lexicon surround-sound audio system and much more.


The larger and stronger KIA K900 vip package V8 version of the car, has some fine niceties like the panoramic sunroof. There are several systems that come with this version that make the price worthy. An excellent blind-spot monitoring system, rear cross-traffic alert system, lane departure warning system, heated steering wheel, upgraded leather upholstery.

The K900 is something between the larger Equus and the last-generation Hyundai Genesis. Cheaper in price the K900 is also very close to the $86,645 Lexus LS 460 in size.



More than just roomy, the K900 is also a very nice place to be — whether you are the chauffeur or a lucky passenger. Overall, the use of black-piano finishes, real wood and quality leather is tastefully and extremely well fitted together in the KIA’s cabin. The front seats — if lacking the sort of support some of the optional “sport” seats the German brands offer — are easy to get comfortable in and offer an array of adjustability.

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KIA with the 2015 KIA K900 simply built a spectacular sedan with all the features, quality materials, engineering and stellar design you’d expect in a $90,000 car. You get everything in a luxury sedan with $90,000 but the trick with KIA is that you won’t pay a whole bunch to get all of the best perks. A base V8-powered K900 is $60,400. You can also cash in additional $6,000 KIA 900 VIP Package that includes heated, cooled and reclining rear seats with lumbar adjustment, color head-up display, soft-close power rear doors, 12.3-inch display screen/gauge cluster, adaptive cruise control and a 360-degree-view parking monitor.


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