2015 Lucra LC470 (Insanely Big Gallery Inside)

Lucra LC470

Everybody loves custom sports car.

Actually the trend is ever so expanding.

Combining the modern performance tune-ups with the timeless futuristic design…

…of a time where the crash test where just born and full on of driver engagement was the only working abs technology.

We decided to present to you the Lucra LC470.

At first you can see that the looks are of a European cabriolet but when you look under the hood you will find some serious American muscle.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise the car looks this way.

1. Luke Richards Is The Mastermind Behind Lucra LC470


The mastermind behind the Lucra, Luke Richards is a wunderkind…

…that shares the best from both hemispheres being born in Southern California and grew up in England.

He has successfully blended an excellent mold from classic lines and killer American cruiser looks.

The Lucra has an all LS power under the hood.

The prime component is an LS3 that gives a very pure driving experience.

You can push to 450 horsepower all that driven through a manual Tremec five-speed gearbox.

The vehicle weighs around 2,000 pounds, and with that you can pull off all of those VTEC achievements.

(not enough pics for you? Good, there are more below…)

The Lucra is also made up of Various GM.

It has borrowed suspension links from a C4 Corvette while the electric door handles are from a C6 and a fuel pump regulator from a Silverado 1500.

This sounds like a neat mashup that fits seamlessly into one big beautiful package.

What is even greater about the Lucra is that it has a handcrafted interior…

2. Leather Interior With Eye-appealing Diamond Pattern

The interior is covered with stitched leather in an eye-appealing diamond pattern, accompanied by a well placed driving position and very comfortable seats.

What won us over was the minimalist interior…

…it’s a really sweet eye-candy which includes different custom gauges and switches reminding us of cars from the glorious past.

When it comes to driving:

the Lucra LC470 hits all of the right buttons, and we know that you will love driving it and it will surely win your attention.

It will surely take time and finesse to unravel the full potential that the vehicle offers.

Image Credit: AutoBlog

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