2015 Volkswagen Golf R 400 will come to USA

Volkswagen Golf R 400 ftrd

If you are like us…

and have been drooling over the Volkswagen Golf R 400 concept when it actually was initially presented in Beijing last year, we have probably got some good news for you:

Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser, member of the board of management responsible for development at Volkswagen, stated for Autoblog that the Volkswagen Golf R 400 will definitely come to the US

…in case it gets the production green light, anyway.

Neusser also sayed that the US market had an extremely positive reaction to the seventh-generation Golf family.

The new hatch collected both:

the Motor Trend Car of the Year and the North American Car of the Year, and Volkswagen has enlarged the Golf range to include a lot of new variants, including the recently released SportWagen and the electric e-Golf.

The new Golf R 400 would “fit very well into this strategy“, claims Neusser.

And, the hotter Golfs are successful, too.

When Volkswagen opened the order books for the 2015 Golf R, the yearly allocation for the US has been sold out in only 11 hours.

Neusser says the R 400 will “show how sporty the Golf family can be.”

We are definitely in favor of this hottest hatch hitting the US market.

Now we need only one thing:

Volkswagen to officially give it the go-ahead.

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