2016 BMW M2 Spy Shots

2016 BMW M2

The BMW 2-Series is somewhat a turning point in the naming system of BMW but its surely not stopping the automaker from making a fine looking fun little luxury sports coupe presented in the form of the M235i. Never the less the 2-Series will put its most powerful version, the 2016 BMW M2 on the road by the end of 2015.

Even when the 2016 BMW M2 was only a rumor by mid-2013 the concept was a strong contender to hit the production lane sooner than the others. Recently BMW announced that production will be starting by the fall. We just might see this beauty on display in showrooms near you by the end of the year and probably no later than the spring of 2016.

As for last years roundup of the possible options that the 2016 BMW M2 will have on its body and under the hood, the details of possible direction BMW include clues that it will be a bit lighter than expected. Up to 300 pounds of weight to be exact, and with that the automaker promises more power as well. We think that with this BMW will might just make a slightly less powerful version of the mighty S55 engine that powers the new M3 and M4.

2016 BMW M2

Surely if the M2 is expected to have an engine that will likely have 425 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque, the S55 3.0-liter turbocharged in-line six-cylinder will spice up the price for the 2016 BMW M2, and with it bringing it a step closer to the price range of its bigger and more powerful brothers like the M3 and M4.

Knowing this, it’s more likely we’ll see an upgraded version of the N55 engine in the M235i that will be fitted in the vehicle. Of course the 320 horsepower 3.0-liter turbocharged six has enough power to move the 3,555-pound weight it has without a problem. On the other hand the 2016 BMW M2 is expected that the final output of the engine will be around and between 350 and 400 horses.

When it comes to other upgrades and characteristics the series will also include a wider set of wheels and tires, factors hinted at by the camouflage over the fender flares on the car seen in the spy photographs.
The latest shots also reveal the new wider bumper designs for the car, with the front featuring the complex aero elements typical of the latest M cars.

The new owners will be able to enjoy the upgraded suspension, M Division traction and stability control calibration, and also the mechanical limited-slip rear differential offers a further enhancement to the 2016 BMW M2’s performance over the capable engine that the M235i has.

2016 BMW M2

It’s obviously wrong to think that an automaker like BMW would lost its way with cars and designs like the Gran Turismos and the infamous front-driving 2-Series Active Tourer, but when it comes down to the M2 then this vehicle is the one that is really the highlight in contemporary BMW design.

The reports show that the 2016 BMW M2 will be equipped with a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, version that was used in the regular BMW M235i, but was boosted a bit to around 369 hp compared to 320 hp in the M235i. The BMW M2 really holds up to it’s name and the M series.

Other things that will also get an upgrade are the brakes that will be stronger and you will also get a sharper suspension than the regular M235i. The spy photos made by Motorauthority show that the brake calipers on the 2016 BMW M2 are painted and they also have enlarged wheels, and a new front fascia with larger air intakes.

The interesting part is that BMW still hasn’t publicly confirmed the arrival of the 2016 BMW M2.
At the 2015 Detroit auto show Franciscus van Meel the chairman of BMW M GmbH hinted that the M2 will surely be one that would fit the M logo and M philosophy that is if we will see such a car.


Source: Motor Authority

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