2016 Honda Civic Concept Is Your Average Neon Green, Turbocharged Show Stealer (w/video&gallery)

2016 Honda Civic Concept

During an auto show where the hottest cars and concepts are progressively shown off at the night before the official doors even open, surprises are not very often. However, Honda brought a big one this afternoon, revealing the nuclear green 2016 Honda Civic Concept that takes dead aim at the brand’s naysayers.

In recent years Honda concept cars have tended towards the literal, and that has never been more exciting than with this coupe. The prelude to the tenth-generation Civic has a face that match in well enough with the Honda’s present lineup, but the rest of the bodywork looks far more JDM-inspired.

The sides are complex without being too busy, and the bold graphic elements, especially the wraparound taillight, seem to punctuate the mass.

You may not enjoy the green meanie as much as we do, but if you are a Honda fan, the performance report must have you high-fiving your nearest bro.

To begin with, Honda’s confirmation that the 2016 Honda Civic will be the first in the US to feature turbocharged VTEC motors. The turbo’d 1.5-liter four will get hooked up to both a six-speed manual and a CVT.

Civic is also going to get a body style that Honda has ignored in US for too long: the five-door hatchback. And one moment of silence, please… Of course coupes and sedans are going to be part of the mix, too.

But probably the most interesting news for lead-footed fan boys will be the inclusion of both a Civic Si and the Nürburgring-champion Civic Type R for US market. We might both hoped and suspected that the Type R might make the leap to North America, and Honda didn’t disappoint.

The 2016 Honda Civic will be available for sale in the US this fall, though no details have yet been offered about which variants will be first and last. Stay tuned.

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