Here Are The 2016 Jaguar XF Spy Shots. Don’t Miss Them

The next-generation 2016 Јaguar XF sedan was spotted in the wild once again and boy is it beautiful. Earlier shots showed the car still in its test gear. All the new mechanicals are well hidden beneath the mockup body of the current XF. The new beast on the other hand will be wearing the sheet metal and lights of the final production version.

The current XF is not a new name on the market. It’s grand debut was in 2009 and it had a noble job to replace the well proven S-Type. As all of Jaguar’s lineage the 2015 Јaguar XF was given a refreshed touch in 2012. The very next year we already saw a version everybody wanted, a all-wheel drive that made a lot of people happy. Naturally we expect nothing less than a major update and we would most surely see a completely redesigned XF, both inside and out.

The new 2016 Јaguar XF proportions are almost identical to those of the current model, one thing that is changed is the front track that is slightly widened. And compared to the smaller XE, the new the 2016 Јaguar XF has a less steeply raked rear window and longer rear overhang. What we seen in the 2015 is the extra rear legroom and we will surely expect this in the new model.


A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder from Jaguar Land Rover’s Ingenium engine family will be the base option while a 3.0-liter V-6, most likely supercharged, will be the volume option going forward. Though Jaguar is considering a future without V-8s, the new 2016 Јaguar XF should still offer an eight-cylinder engine at launch. All-wheel drive will also remain an option.

This car was spotted back in August 2014. It’s codenamed X260, signifying the project to replace the current XF. A reader also had spyshots that confirmed that the next model will stick with the famous Jaguar fur, that we love to look at especially at the latest XE compact exec, XJ and XF.

Jaguar is slowly but gradually overwriting all the design niches left by Ford and with that gaining momentum from a new era in its product line-up. The XF’s DEW98 architecture, which can trace its roots back to the Jaguar S-type and beyond – is consigned to the scrapheap for the 2016 model.


So when it comes to design we are seeing more narrow, squinting headlamps, a big oval grille and smooth surface that is somewhat a Jaguar trademark, despite the camouflage the test car is showing all the grandeur that the Jaguar XF is.

We will most likely see a new XF Sportbrake wagon and even a high-performance XF SVR. These models will succeed the current XFR-S. The more powerful version will surely be powered with a supercharged 5.0-liter V-8, possibly with as much as 575 horsepower. There is also a possibility of a new hybrid. This new lineup will ensure the XF match Jaguar with it’s German rivals.

A debut of the new XF is rumored to be taking place at the 2015 New York Auto Show in April, which means we could see the car in showrooms by the following fall. Stay tuned for updates in the meantime.


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