2017 BMW m5 Series Begins Testing (Spy Shots)

The first spy shots of a 2017 BMW m5 prototype have surfaced for the car’s successor which is expect to hit the market sometime in 2016 of course as a 2017 model. We are familiar with the 5-series since 2011, and following the launch of the carbon fiber-bodied i3 and i8, BMW has it’s mind set on a revolution with it’s cars.

There will be a new modular platform dubbed 35up that we will see it in 2015 on the next-generation 7-Series. The development of the new 7-Series is almost complete, and attention turns to the next 35up-based model, the new 5-Series. The platform will eventually make its way into virtually all BMWs sized from the 3-Series up.

For meeting tougher fuel economy standards and increased demand for fuel-efficient vehicles BMW wants it’s 35up platform to be it’s key strategies for tackling the market.

2017 bmw m5

The 35up platform will also incorporate lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic in addition to conventional steel. BMW is technology wise and will be using the construction techniques learned from the development of the i3 and i8 electrified vehicles.

It’s expected the new 5-Series to weigh around 220 pounds less than the current model and this is thanks to the lightweight underpinnings. This means the lightest versions could end up tipping the scales at less than 3,300 pounds. The car’s size and proportions appear similar to the current model, which means an overall length of about 16 feet and width of just over six feet.

We can expect that the 5 Series will reserve the design lines of the current F10/F11 generation. And that the buyers can once again fall in love with the soft and appealing rounded design. We do anticipate some of the current BMW design features to trickle their way into the 5 Series looks as well, starting with the headlights flowing into the kidney grille and the dynamics side panels.

Well we can also expect a refreshed design on the 2017 BMW m5. Designers are planning an evolution of the current model’s themes but with more sculpted surfaces and elements borrowed from the recent BMW Future Luxury concept just like Audi will be doing in it’s Prologue Concept. The design chief of BMW Karim Habib together with his team will be responsible for the new look.

In addition to the new 5-Series sedan, expect to see new versions of the 5-Series Touring wagon as well as the related 5-Series Gran Turismo. These additional variants should appear six to 12 months after the sedan.

Powertrains will include a selection of four cylinder 2.0 liter engines and 3.0-liter inline-six gasoline and diesel engines, as well as a hybrid drivetrain based on the one seen in the X5 eDrive Concept.

While we can expect a high-performance M5 and fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid model, BMW for the 2017 BMW m5 will surely be gearing up a four six and eight-cylinder options. All of them will have direct-injection and turbocharging technologies.


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