The $3M LaFerrari FXX K Already Sold Out?!

laferarri fxx k, ferarri fxx k

Few weeks back, in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari unvielеd its new Ferarri FXX K monster machine. The head of marketing in Ferrari Nicola Boari said that the FXX K is so fast it will lap the company’s Fiorano test track in 1 minute 14 seconds. That would make it five seconds faster than the LaFerrari, but still comes as in the second place ahead of the 599XX Evoluzione. One things for sure is that the Ferarri fxx k  is two seconds faster than the original FXX.

However the beast still seems to fall short of the eight- to nine-second gap. So it seems, for the time being at least, that the 1:11.9 lap time recorded by the 333 SP – an open-cockpit sports prototype from the late 1990s – will remain for now the fastest car this side of an F1 racer ever to lap the circuit. The record set by Michael Schumacher still stands at under 56 seconds in the ten-cylinder F2004 he drove to his seventh and final world championship.

laferarri fxx k, ferarri fxx k

Тhe FXX K’s production will be an exclusive one. As Top Gear reports this beautiful Ferrari will only be build in less than 40 instances. And if you even considered of saving up money for this monster, don’t even start. All 40 of them are already sold at a price of €2.5 million.

If constructing a supercar hybrid Ferrari with a 950-horsepower with the name “LaFerrari” is not enough for this italian household name. The company decided that it needs an even more stronger and faster version of this monster.

Following in the tire tracks of the Enzo, there’s now a hardcore FXX version of the LaFerrari. The LaFerrari FXX K paraded it’s monster specs at the Yas Marina circuit as part of Finali Mondiali. This is Ferrari’s annual celebration of the end of the motorsport season.

While you won’t see the “illegal” LaFerrari FXX K on the streets, like other Ferrari “XX” cars the supercar will not race on the circuit as well. This opened up a new dimension for designers that don’t abide the rules of both road and track.

There are also a host of body modifications that increase down force by up to 50 percent, and make the the FXX K just about the wildest-looking production Ferrari ever.

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There are also a handful changes to the massive front spoiler and splitter, from dive planes, and the company decided on a taller rear spoiler consisting of two separate wing elements. Note that the round taillights seen on every other recent Ferrari have been replaced in the name of efficiency and even the Pirelli slick tires are high tech.

Of course, the supercar FXX K full suite is full of other high tech Ferrari electronics that will pump up the speed. Including a programmable E-Diff electronic differential, F1 Trac traction control, and Racing SSC (Sideslip Angle Control).

We had a hard time imagining how Ferrari could improve an already monstrous LaFerrari. BUt now that the FXX K exists we surely bow down to the performance potential of this new slick machine.

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