7 Things You Need to Know About the 2017 Ford Focus RS

2017 Ford Focus RS

The automotive giant Ford at a special event in Cologne, Germany revealed the new ultra-high-performance hatchback Focus RS. The car that was never sold in the US until now, was developed in Germany, but the company decided to revealed information.

Ford is really playing the secret card with this one, as we don’t know even the horsepower, and it’s speculating that its 315+hp. It might be an all-wheel-drive and a hot hatch here. Still this is all we know so far for this US-European car.

2017 Ford Focus RS


Same Focus For Everyone

This is maybe a first, we are accustomed to see an american and european model of a specific series to be quite different in the interior as well as the exterior but now the people from Ford insists that the U.S.-spec 2017 Ford Focus RS will be absolutely identical to the one sold worldwide, save for safety and homologation equipment.

A Racing Contestant

The guys over at Car and Driver are pretty persistent in their quest to unveil more info about the Ford. The same goes for the question is Ford planning to put the 2017 Ford Focus RS on the racing track.



Ford’s chief of global performance vehicle development Jamal Hameedi said that “it’s an incredible platform to go racing with. He further added that  awesome cars always go racing. The bottom line is that we can expect a racing version of the RS sometime next year.

Mustang Engine RS Tune 

The RS engine has a Mustang feel to it, actually it’s a Mustang Engine with a RS tune to it.

Under the hood the 2017 Ford Focus RS has a 2.3-liter four-cylinder wears a new turbocharger, a new cylinder head, and a totally unique cooling setup tailored to the Focus’s transverse engine layout and differently shaped front end. Official output figures are forthcoming, but we’ve been told to expect “well in excess” of 315 horsepower.The EcoBoost Mustang, for reference, makes do with 310.

Don’t Expect Carbon Fiber Body Panels

It might look like the regular Focus but it has a really nice sport finish to the shell, but then again you won’t see 2017 Ford Focus RS wearing lightweight and mean looking carbon-fiber body panels.

AWD A Ford-Only Feature 

The 2017 Ford Focus RS unlike it’s main rival the VW Golf R, uses an all-wheel-drive system that is said to have been designed entirely by the Ford team. The all-wheel-drive setup sends 100 percent of the available power to the front axle. When slip is detected or if there is steering input, up to 70 percent of the available power can be sent rearward.

The Focus RS’s rear axle is all about complicated percentages. The all-wheel-drive system is capable of routing up to 70 percent of the available torque to the rear axle. From there, it can be split evenly between each rear wheel, or, in extreme cases, the system’s brain can instruct the rear-axle torque-vectoring mechanism’s two clutches to direct 100 percent of the rear-axle torque to a single rear wheel. Fun-with-numbers time: 100 percent of 70 percent of available engine torque can be directed at a single rear wheel to help rotate the car in corners.

Six Speed, Multiple Drive Models

When it comes to the transmission the RS will come with a standard six-speed manual which is basically the same as the Focus ST, and unlike the ST, the RS has a drive-mode button.
Ford has yet to reveal the available modes, but everybody is hoping that there will be one one just like the “Insane Mode” the Tesla P85D has. Speaking of brakes, like practically all of  the other factory performance vehicle, the 2017 Ford Focus RS’s brakes will be supplied by the high performer Brembo.

It’s A Ford Alright, But It’s Not American

Ford assembly for every single Focus RS is going to be done at its Saarlouis, Germany plant. The RS will be built alongside more pedestrian Foci there.

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