The Air Force made a Dodge Vapor with Thermal Night Vision and Radar-Absorbing Paint

You probably thought that the U.S. Air Force is only working on defending the country by air commanding all of those fighter jets, we did too.

Owning only the most sophisticated tech for air supremacy…

…this government-led-department wants to implement some of it on a project suited more to a down to earth approach.

1. It’s a successor to the “X-1” Mustang

This is not their first attempt at creating a car with jet parts, they have done some work on the “X-1” Mustang.

And if you think they weren’t crazy enough to swap a regular Ford cabin with a fighter jet cockpit, flight stick, and ejector seat, then you are wrong, they did that.

Dodge Vapor Challenger US Air Force

The next car they pimped out with U.S Air Force stripes is the Dodge Vapor:

the Challenger that is coming to your esthetic senses with full force.

For starters, the Dodge Vapor is a lot more than simply a pimped out Challenger.

It hides in plain site a lot of useful techs that’s not just a feature you can only see in the movies.

According to the Air Force…

…that killer matte finish is actually a radar-absorbing coating.

You can see something similar used on the stealth jet fighter F-117 Nighthawk.

2. Smooth like a F-117 Nighthawk jet fighter

With this, there is and accompanying stealth exterior that is set out by the carbon fiber tire caps, as well as a mean looking Mad Max-style grille.

There is also a slight redesign in a couple of aero elements that are suited on the roof which have a mission to refocus the airflow.

We just love the scissor doors which gives us access to the cockpit. It’s not like we expected to see the seats one behind the other. The U.S. Air force, unlike the single-seater X-1, decided to keep the standard car side-by-side layout.

Standard driving inputs we all know too well are gone:

the steering wheel and gear stick have been replaced with an aircraft yoke and throttle lever.

The traditional dashboard now has three monitors that grants access to the GPS navigation, as well as the internet, and the all needed Air Force standard issue thermal imaging.

Dodge Vapor Challenger US Air Force

With this sweet Dodge Vapor you’ll be able to drive in pitch black nights with no headlights with the help of the thermal imaging scanner that can project everything in its sight on an easy to see heads-up display for the driver or pilot.

What got me the most was…

…that the driver can actually use a periscope like 360-degree night-vision camera that’s suited on the top of the car?!

Of course this is a publicity stunt by the Air Force which commissioned the customizing crew of Galpin Auto Sports garage to build both cars as part of a rolling campaign to showcase to young people that the Force offers mechanical and technical career opportunities.

This is an interesting experiment of what can be done when an initiative brings the two worlds of HEMI power and air power together.

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