Aston Martin Vulcan Revealed with 7.0L V12, More Than 800 hp

Aston Martin

The Geneva motor show first held in 1905, has hosted almost all vehicles in the history of the automobile, and this year is set to unveil many new exciting performance cars like the new Ford Focus RS and the Ferrari 488 GTB. But as we gear up for the event, we can’t help but mentioning a true alien among the others, the spectacular Aston Martin Vulcan.

At this point you might wonder how much is an Aston Martin Vulcan? Well it costs exactly £1.8million and is set as a rival for the Ferrari FXX-K and McLaren P1 GTR. The British automaker Aston Martin also released photographs of the new racing car which is coated in carbon-fibre. And by the looks of it it’s not the final rendering of the design we will see in the show, but it will definitely change the way Aston Martin looks at the design from now on.


There is no help from an outsourced company when style comes in questioning because the racing Aston Martin Vulcan is made in-house with the help of the Aston Martin design team. The whole project was led by chief creative officer, Marek Reichman.

Monocoque Shell

The features of the car besides the huge front and rear wings include a fascinating monocoque. This means everything from the chassis up is actually made up as a single-piece shell. Of course this beauty is controlled from a low-sitting cockpit. When it comes to the engine the Vulcan is actually based on the One-77, with one exception, it comes with a 7.0-litre V12 engine that can go somewhere abouve 800 horsepower.

Inside this beautiful Aston Martin there are not too many elements to see because the car is stripped down to a minimum. This is done to reduce weight and features. The interior also includes a display screen, racing seats and a dashboard that is slightly angled and has integrated control settings.


More detailed informations about how much is an Aston Martin Vulcan with all of it’s variations, or more details about the design will be known when the car debuts at the Geneva Motor Show in a couple of days. Aston Martin will also unveil it’s Vantage GT3 special edition.

Big Step In Design Implementation

The current  CEO Andy Plamer makes a big step in making history with the automaker because this will be the first entirely new design by the brand since he’s around. Plamer left the Japanese manufacturer Nissan in September to join Aston Martin. The Vulcan pushes all the power from the engine only to the rear wheels, while the front wheels are dedicated to traction and steering.

The monocoque is made from carbon fibre to increase its strength and help protect the driver from impacts. With the implementation of a single piece, rather than several components stitched together. It evenly spreads stress put on the car during racing.It’s only disappointing to say that this beautiful car will only be made in 24 instances and that why we can say that we no longer wonder how much is an Aston Martin Vulcan and why is the cost a bit too high.

Other automakers showing up in Geneva this year include McLaren, they’ll enter the exhibit two cars. Rober Melville, McLaren’s chief designer, revealed that the famous automaker plans to build a car that could change shape when switching from driverless to manual modes which for us is pretty exciting news. On the other hand this will be a first for Ford in which they have developed their first supercar in 10 years.


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