Audi on Demand Lets You Rent an R8 Supercar for $1195 Per Day

Personally I always wanted a service that offers some kind of time-limited commodity, and with that you only need to have a reasonable amount of responsibility, money and time.

That’s about all you need when you rent something out right?

It’s very refreshing and at the same time interesting to see how carmakers approach different marketing strategies, like Audi for instance.

A Wide Range of Audi Models for Rent

They have launched a new “Audi on demand” service in San Francisco.

The pilot program offers a range of Audi models for rent on a per-day basis that can go up to 28 days.

But the most interesting part is how they’re doing it:

You can unlock, start and lock the vehicles through a smartphone app and a digital key card that is actually a backup option if by any chance you are left stranded if the battery of the phone dies or if in a worst case scenario you lose it.



If you thought this would be a dull service, you are completely wrong. There is no particular car lot or a similar point where you can pick up or drop off your car. There will be designated concierges that can drop off and retrieve the vehicles that are anywhere within San Francisco’s city limits.

San Francisco is your playground

And there aren’t just A4 sitting around SF. You can rent anything from an A5 for mere $200 per day and go up a notch if you have the money for an R8 Spyder that will cost you $1,285 per day.

You would be a fool to think that Audi would let the drivers burn out their precious cars and that’s why the fanciest models also have mileage limits that are around 200 miles per day. And if the driver goes over this mileage they will have to pay extra charges.


Of course, all of this doesn’t come very cheap. If it’s about the money you can get a Zipcar or even a Silver Car that actually exclusively offers Audi A4s for much less.
But still, you won’t be renting an RS5 or an A8 because it’s a cheap deal. Taking into consideration that this service is launching in San Francisco, maybe the price-tag of $1,285 is a fair bargain for the residents.

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