BMW Series 3 Midcycle Updates: BMW B58 Engine

BMW series 3

BMW wants to have a head start on the sales in 2015, and for them to be ready to conquer the car dealers in the new year the BMW series 3 needs to get a major boost.

The F30 BMW series 3 will get an 2016 update which will also include a couple of new engine options.

According to the website, the 3-series will most likely be available as a plug-in-hybrid version with a four-cylinder gasoline engine…

…and the 3.0-liter 335i will be replaced by the 340i, which features a new six-cylinder turbo of the same displacement.

The real treat is the plug-in hybrid:

a model that has a growing popularity with drivers.

It will likely be called the 328e and if the speculations are correct it will use a four-cylinder turbo as well as an electric motor.

The combined output will be 180 horsepower and 236 lb-ft, distilled through an eight-speed automatic. It is also told that the hybrid will be have an 22-mile electric range.

BMW series 3

The new version will replace the current ActiveHybrid 3, which is fitted with a powerful straight-six and an electric motor.

As far as the press release, it states that BMW will be combining a four-cylinder TwinPower Turbo petrol engine from the new Efficient Dynamics engine family with an electric motor…

…the BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid prototype offers standards of sporty performance on a par with a conventionally powered BMW 3 Series six-cylinder model, combined with a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Its plug-in hybrid drive system has a combined output of approximately 245 hp and maximum combined torque of approximately 400 Newton metres (295 lb-ft).

The BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid prototype also features a special hybrid- adapted Proactive Driving Assistant.

Integrated in the navigation system, this system manages the powertrain not only with reference to current battery capacity but also to upcoming route profile, speed restrictions and traffic conditions.

The 340i gets the new, modular 3.0-liter straight-six, code-named BMW B58 engine.

…It replaces the 335i, with its 300-hp N55 engine.

We expect a power boost of about 20 horsepower, and we’re told that the BMW B58 engine sounds better than the somewhat disappointing N55.

The model designation 340i, of course, borders on the ludicrous.

This is not a four-liter V-8, and it doesn’t come close to the power output of a modern V-8, either.

On the other hand the powerful M3 unlike the other in the BMW series 3 will only get a few minor upgrades. The things you should be on the lookout are upgraded lighting units and as far as the informations go, we shouldn’t expect nothing beyond that. Another thing the guys from say is that BMW is actually considering a competition package.

Other speculations that appear on the internet is that BMW will be pushing a three-cylinder for the entry-level version of the BMW series 3 which actually is not a part of the mid cycle update, something that is not expected to appear on the U.S. market any time soon.

Source: Car and Driver ; BMW blog



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