The Chevrolet FNR Concept is Literally 50 Years Ahead of It’s Time

Chevrolet FNR Concept

Never in my wildest imagination I would think that:


… in 2015…

…would present a concept that would be amazing as the FNR concept.

Seriously look at that car glow!

It was introduced at the Shanghai auto show this week and in the literal sense of the word Chevy‘s FNR concept defies all form of description.


If we really want to compare it to some of the existing models out there it would be a really futuristic looking blend of the next-gen Volt, with just the right pinch of the BMW i8, mix it all together and send it 50 years in the future.

Thanks to GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center

The concept vehicle is designed by GM’s team in Shanghai:

a part of the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center which described this car having a futuristic capsule design, and everyone agrees that this is really an understatement.

Once you wrap your mind around the insanely-looking design…

…to increase your heart rate is the set of “dragonfly”-style swinging doors, a wireless charging system and the hubless motors inside the wheels.

 A Self-driving Goodness

This concept is in the same category like the self-driving Mercedes-Benz F 015 which, despite the similarities in the department of futuristic design, it has a very different style.

The front seats can turn 180 degrees so that all passengers in the cabin can have time to chit-chat while the car drives itself to the desired destination.

To make sure that no one else “borrows” your FNR…

…apparently the car will have an iris recognition system that authenticates only the driver of course.

Even though I love to put the pedal to the metal, would surely love to own one of these even though I am banned from driving it. :)

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