Classic Aston Martin DB5 from 1965 Convertible Fetches Record $2 Million in Paris

classic Aston Martin DB5

Ferrari can make a two-million dollar beast of a car that is illegal to put it on a regular road and have the Testa Rossa be a prime example of classic car auction mania. But when it comes to classics there is another player in the game that has an enormous tradition and it’s in a league of it’s own. The Aston Martin has several fine examples of respective classics.

We’ve seen a lot of classic Ferrari’s sell at auction and the price tag goes almost every time to eight figures. But a classic Aston Martin DB5 extends it’s price tag beyond the seven figure, which makes this latest auction bid something of a world record.

classic Aston Martin DB5

One of 35 Left-hand-drive Models Ever Made

During a Retromobile classic car show past weekend, held at the Grand Palais in Paris, during an auction in organization of the venerated auction house Bonhams sold a 1965 classic Aston Martin DB5 Convertible for the equivalent of $2.14 million.

This classic Aston Martin DB5 beauty is just one of 35 left-hand-drive models ever made, and this new bid makes it the highest price ever paid for a production DB5 – coupe or convertible – in the history of automobile auctions, driving the most successful automobile auction Bonhams has ever held in Europe.

classic Aston Martin DB5

While this may be a highest price for a classic Aston Martin DB5 coupe or convertible, it’s not the most ever spent for a Aston Martin. According to Sports Car Market someone wanted the 1955 DB3S racer even more badly that the Gooding & Co. sold it for a whopping $5.5 million at Pebble Beach last year.

Appearing in James Bond movies Goldfinger and Thunderball

You’d be surprised how popular the classic Aston Martin DB5 was in the 20th century. The most expensive DB5 is actually the highly modified one from the James Bond movies Goldfinger and Thunderball. Back in 2010 it was sold for $4.6 million. This latest purchase at the Grand Palais is actually the highest for a production DB5. The most we’d ever seen a standard model sell for was $1.65M at RM’s auction in Monterey last year.

classic Aston Martin DB5

Other high-priced Aston auctions include a Zagato-bodied 1960 DB4 GT “Jet” ($5M, Bonhams 2013), another DB3S ($3.7M, RM 2012), a ’57 DBR2 ($3.4M, Christie’s 1985), a Ghia-bodied ’56 DB2/4 ($2.3M, RM 2013) and a series of DB4 GTs that have gone for between $2.2 and $2.7 million.

classic Aston Martin DB5

Still no one can really win the throne away from Ferrari, when it comes to classics that is. The 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa is the most expensive classic car ever sold for a astonishing price of $16,390,000 sold on August 2011 at Monterey, California. The second most expensive car sold is the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa for a price of $12,402,500 sold in 2009 at Maranello, Italy.

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