Cleaning Fuel Injection System. Worth, Or Not?

Gas companies assure us that there are substances in the gasoline that keep the car running like new and yet our vehicles feel like it’s losing power and the fuel mileage drops after a few thousand miles of driving.

If you care for your car as we do, and since you are reading this you must do, you are always tempted to choose from  the several fuel system cleaners available on the market that clean the fuel injection system. There is always the question which one to buy will it be effective enough and ultimately do you really need something like that.


Every brand of gasoline no matter what they tell us, causes corrosion from ethanol and water and leaves carbon in your fuel system. Especially on your fuel injectors and on the back of the intake valves, resulting in irritating combustion problems due to improper fuel mixtures entering the combustion chamber.

The carbon buildup in the fuel intake area needs to be cleaned in order to keep your car running with efficiency. We can conclude that the fuel system cleaners are important in regular maintenance vehicles with new engines.

Deposits form on vital parts like cylinder heads, intake ports and tops of the pistons and cause a variety of issues such as hesitation, stalling, knocking, pinging and loss of acceleration and reduced fuel economy. But the main parts that are the most susceptible to deposits are the fuel injectors and intake valves.


Fuel injectors have very fine tolerances in the pintles which allow the fuel to disperse from the injector. They deliver an atomized spray of fuel that when mixed with the proper air mixture, detonates in the combustion chamber. These fine tolerances in the pintles get dirty over time and the spray pattern becomes irregular and the spray turns into droplets that are harder to combust. This affects power and fuel economy.

The intake valves and ports are also very susceptible to deposits and the carbon buildup acts like a sponge and reduces the amount of fuel that enters the combustion chamber. The carbon builds up on the back of the intake valves from unburnt fuel and the extreme heat. This also prevents the proper fuel mixture from entering the combustion chamber resulting in an overall decrease in performance.

For optimal performance you should keep fuel injectors and intake valves free of debris. This is crucial for restoring these components to their original specs and that’s why fuel additives are important to use when performing regular maintenance.

If you buy a cheap fuel injector cleaner, it most likely won’t have the proper detergent package to do the job.

Many fuel injector cleaners are strong enough to clean up deposits on a port fuel injector. Here the old saying “you get what you pay for” is true when it comes to selecting the most potent fuel additives and cleaner available taking care of your care in the most effective way possible.



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