Design Your Own McLaren 570S Coupe with this Configurator

McLaren Sports Series, Mclaren 570s Coupe

The long wait is over.

The guys from McLaren finally unveilеd the car that will be the flagship for the new McLaren Sport Series…

…and ladies and gents we are proud to say that it’s the 570S.

What got us really going is that we can get to build our very own custom McLaren 570s coupe thanks to the new online configurator.

With the help of the configurator the curious minded can go through almost all of the options that are available for this newly unveiled beauty.

Starting off you can choose one of standard, special and elite color hues for the shell.

1. Carefully Select Various Exterior Options

McLaren 570s Coupe, McLaren Sports Series

But this doesn’t end here…

After the color you can carefully select various exterior options that actually allow you to pick certain parts on the bodywork to be made out of carbon fiber.

Of course you can pick a whole preset for a carbon fiber pack…

…but people can also choose exactly which elements they want to be replaced.

Interestingly, some of the colors variables allow you to go for a stealth package that even smudge out the red in the logo of the McLaren.

When it comes to the interior:

McLaren 570s Coupe Configurator

Customers have an option to select pre-configured packs that are put together by the design team in McLaren.

The luxury and sport sides of the trim spectrum are also covered.

And if you are browsing through all of them one by one you will see a lot of options like picking which surfaces to wrap in Alcantara, leather color…

…and even if you are in the mood for bright orange seat belts.

And as you expected you’ll also have the option to make the cabin fully decked out with carbon fiber.

2. Configuring Your Dream McLaren 570S Coupe

There’s also a selection of other accessories like the parking sensors and a backup camera but this is more for the listing in the final PDF that you can download as soon as you are finished with configuring your dream 570S.

Everything you do on the configurator is for purely cosmetic purposes and customers will get this beautiful vehicle with a mid-mounted 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood.


When you start the engine there are 562 horsepower behind you powering the rear wheels, and all of this power is distributed through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox for your maximum pleasure.

And when you are basically done with configuring your 570S, the last thing to do is to put an order and go to your car dealer and cough out over $180,000 for this beauty.


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