Dodge Challenger will hit Australia Next Year

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It’s really strange how we think that the auto market is spread out through the whole globe…

…and if the brand is well known like Chrysler/Dodge for example there is no reason why they shouldn’t sell their cars in a country/continent like Australia right?


Until this date, there hasn’t been a single Challenger or Charger sold officially in Oz.

That’s why the corporations are doing a whole lot of meetings in the States in the next few months.

In these meetings, it’s expected that the shareholders and the board of directors will determine a precise plan on how to get the current-generation performance cars like the Charger and the Dodge Challenger for sale in Australia.

And if all speculations and predictions add up this will happen as early as 2016.

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This will be all thanks to Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles Australia.

Their team developed a serious business case and it’s planning and trying really hard to add the Challenger coupe and Charger sedan to the campaign of its sole current rear-wheel drive V8 contender, the Chrysler 300C.

Ford and Holden backing up

The FCA is really lucky in this one.

The corporation sees the end of production of the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon

…and with it a really big opportunity for them to tap into a profitable market with an expanded US-built rear-wheel drive V8 range.

Ford is still in the game and it will eventually offer the Mustang.

On the other hand, Holden will free up a space.

This is due the decision General Motors made not to offer a new-generation Chevrolet Camaro with a right-hand drive.

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Australian reports say that FCAA boss Pat Dougherty has flown to the US and is using the Camaro as leverage for his claims that will ensure that the Charger and Challenger breakthrough on the market.

We have to wait and see if there will be a green light on the whole operation.

And the process must start sometime around June so that all of the development, testing, and of course production plus the delivery of the powerful Dodge vehicles can go through next year.

Exec flights in and out of Australia

Product executive Steve Bartoli visit to Australia in April was wisely used by Dougherty to lobby for the introduction of the two mighty cars to the market.

The next-gen Challenger and Charger are due in 2018.

If the business case is approved these beautiful beast of vehicles will be factory-built in the US.

challenger outsells camaro, dodge challenger for sale, dodge challenger 2016

The FCAA spokesman also said that the current Challenger and Charger are not yet ready for right-hand drive markets…

…but when pass the production line they will be almost immediately available for FCA Australia and all of the people down under can enjoy in their very own all-American muscle car.

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