Dodge Challenger Girls: 12 Videos of Girls Behind the Wheel

Dodge Challenger Girls

We are all crazy for any Challenger. That’s cool.

But what’s even cooler, is when your girl is crazy for the same car as you.


Enough talking about the upcoming Challengers, reviews, specs, or whatever…

…just sit down, and get ready for a stress relief session with those Dodge Challenger girls:

1. How to Be a Proper Attention Queen

The video says she had the best drag score for that day, which is super hot.

2. 1-Step Guide for Being a Hot MILF

She is hot for her age.

The 1970 Challenger is even hotter for its age.

3. How to Drift with Zoe Scarlett

Switzerland model Zoe Scarlett dances with a white Challenger at a AutoKunz AG event.

Here is another video of Zoe reviewing the Challenger, but it’s spoken on German. :/

4. Classy Dodge Challenger Girl

Hot singer Jaime Wyatt, who clearly has an old soul, drives and burns her 1970 Challenger R/T.

She even has a cassette playing in the car.

5. How to Confuse a Hot Girl

They allowed her to rev one of the Challenger Hellcats, and look how confused, even scared she was from the sound of the Hellcat.

6. How to Make Your Girlfriend Horny

Yep, you heard it, she’s horny. It’s probably staged, but she acts horny in her Challenger R/T.

7. Girl Killing it in a 392 SRT Challenger with Borla ATAK Exhaust

I don’t know if it’s the sound, or that girl drives it, but it’s hot:

8. Test Drive in Miami

A very special test drive of the amazing 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 on the streets of Miami.

9. How to Review a 2015 Dodge Challenger

Lindsay, the ‘new’ girl from web2cars, has a really eloquent voice, hence making this review really nice to watch and listen.

10. 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T Review

Another review guided by a girl, this time of an older Challenger. The video is not with very good quality, probably it was taken 6 years ago.

11. How to Know She is a Keeper

She is not hot, but the fact that she is driving a Challenger makes her hot.

12. How to get free meal at Hooter’s

Clearly, no skills are included in this video :)


How to Properly Wash Your Hellcat

How to Wash The Interior of Your Hellcat…

…if you know what I mean. :)



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