2015 Dodge Charger vs Challenger: Two Hellcats, One Winner (Video)

Dodge Charger vs Challenger Hellcat Drag Race

After the Charger adopted the Hellcat engine, it has acquired more than the 707 HP shared with the Challenger.

The first has welcomed a version that has silenced plenty of the voices who were still going on about the wrong number of doors on the car.

But still, even with Dodge offering us the sedan-vs-coupe approach, deciding on between the two is not an easy task as it might seem.

Obviously, we love the Challenger. That’s why we write about it.

However, we don’t have the intent to tell you which one is better. You will need to decide that one our on your own, since it is one, big subjective matter. On the other hand, the straight line performance difference of the blown Dodge Charger vs Challenger is quite easier to quantify.

The numbers

Both came with the same 6.2-liter supercharged V8 packaging 707 hp and 650 lb-ft (881 Nm) of torque, but although the Charger only comes in 8-speed auto guise, you can also have the Challenger with a six-speed manual.

No matter that the Challenger is actually 136 lbs (62 kg) lighter, several of the crucial performance numbers in fact favor the sedan, which does have a slightly better drag coefficient. It is the four-door model that gets the best NHRA-certified quarter mile time – 11 seconds flat compared to the Challenger’s 11.2s on street tires. When it comes to the top speed, the Charger can strike 204 mph, and the coupe stops at 199 mph.

However, when we’re speaking about official standing start sprint figures, the Charger strikes 60 mph 0.2 seconds later compared to the Challenger’s 3.5s time.

Well, that should be enough numbers for you. The video footage below offers us both standing-and-rolling-start opportunities to see what will happen when this pair of titans clash.

Unfortunately, it takes place on the street.

Story appeared on: Auto Evolution

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