Dodge: The Future is Bright for Muscle Cars

Dodge: The Future is Bright for Muscle Cars, future muscle carsThings have been getting really interesting since the Chrysler and Fiat merger…

… even though that managed to make a lot of people quite nervous.

There’s Chrysler:

Who in the past had a lot of trouble in the market simply because the American automaker had a narrower approach to the market making only big often muscle cars with big engines.

Fiat on the other hand:

In the US is fairly known as an Italian automaker with the couple of fine cars and nothing more.

To be fair, the company is doing well in Europe.

Overall there’s no worry on their minds as Chrysler’s and Fiat’s sales are up.

Despite the need for a refreshed design in the lineup what’s pushing them forward in the bigger picture are the muscle cars, tne Challenger and Charger.

It’s a fair question to ask if this trend will hit a wall or it will maintain a steady market income knowing the fact that there have been a lot of ups and downs in the car industry in general.

In today’s world, a few more horsepowers in the garage are treated as a commodity.

There are a lot of people that make big bucks and with the shifting overall global economy we can expect more people to have even more money.

Even though that means a lot more millennial consumers that are in their mid-20s and mid-30s that have a steady income many of them are very interested in connectivity as well as efficiency instead of performance cars.

And with the rise of the Internet of things comes the rise of autonomous cars which can play a very crucial role in the market and with that interfere with the muscle car business.

Dodge: The Future is Bright for Muscle Cars

But then again Dodge’s CEO Tim Kuniskis is not so worried about all of these statistics and rising technologies.

He is very confident in his company which he is a part for almost two decades.

In a recent interview for the Wired, Kuniskis was very happy with the sales and thinks that the muscle car is, and always will have it’s special place in the automotive market.

He explained the notion of back-buying that actually makes up a fine percentage in the local market.

A lot of people who own Camaros like to buy Mustangs as much as they want to have Challengers.

He says that if people own a version of the Challenger then the next car they bought was a Viper.

And in other instances customers that own a Viper in most cases buy a Hellcat and what’s important enough is that they are not trading their “older” model they’re just adding another muscle car to their beloved collection.

On the question what makes a muscle car the CEO answer is quite what we expected to hear and already know in some form.

He says that what makes a muscle car is the attitude and personality times the raw horsepower number.

It’s a simple formula that works.

Dodge has a big muscle roster that includes both the Charger and Challenger starting from a V6 and ending up with the Hellcat and Viper.

What’s also interesting is that the Challenger and Charger both which have 300 horsepowers are more caught off cars than the other more powerful models.

Dodge: The Future is Bright for Muscle Cars, future muscle cars

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Kuniskis says that people almost always prefer the Challenger and Charger as their choice for a muscle car…

…while models like the mighty 485-horsepower Scat Pack V8 or the 707 horsepower Hellcat fall back in sales numbers.

Dodge being mainly a North American company had its fair share of bad figures but the merger was a fresh air in their sales and while they do sell internationally before blending in the corporation they still didn’t manage well with the big numbers.

What’s great about Dodge is that they are strong in certain, may be crucial parts of the globe…

…like the Middle East for example where they are doing very well with the SRT.

At the moment, this is their strongest market outside NAFTA.

Their PR is also doing the job right, Fast and Furious 7 hit the box office just a while back and what’s important is that the movie exploded globally and it was full of Dodge cars.

So we can conclude that the overall popularity of the Dodge and especially the Challengers is ever so growing.

Just knowing that there is a huge gray market out there that’s made up of custom-made Challengers and Chargers says a lot for this company.

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