Watch One Of Our Fans Racing His Hellcat (Updated!)

Last weekend our fan did the WannaGoFast half mile racing event in Clayton, GA.

Here is how it went:

First Race: Stock 2015 Challenger Hellcat vs GT500 Mustang

He informed us that he has more videos, which we will upload eventually.

(UPDATE: Don’t miss the Hellcat vs M3 race at the end)
Quote By Fan

He also added, that the thing he learned about the Hellcat is just how awesome the cooling system is for the supercharger.

Dodge really did an amazing job keeping the engine cool under performance and not losing power.

The guys with the GT500s were taking about how they lose 50-100HP after their first run. They all told me “your fastest run of the day will be your first.” Even the custom twin turbo Vettes were losing a lot of power from heat. You’d see them all with their hoods up between runs to cool down their engines. I actually got faster throughout the day. My last run of the day was .6 MPH faster than my first, and I was picking up 2 tenths of a MPH almost every time. – John said.

Second Race: Stock 2015 Challenger Hellcat vs Modified BMW M3

So, where are you now haters?

Bonus: Pictures of the WannaGoFast event.

wannagofast1 wannagofast2 wannagofast3




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