The Ferrari 250 Cali That Might Just Cost You $13.8 Million

If you ever wondered what a nine million dollar Ferrari looks like, seek no more.

I’m always fond of writing about historical cars just because I think they are beautiful and stylish work of art.

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Like a fine painting every object auctioned is worth a lot more than the initial price just like this Ferrari Cali meets its estimate at auction in just a couple of weeks.

Even Dj Chris Evans has one

It’s actually a 250 GT SWB California, and if you are familiar with expensive Ferrari’s, you’ll definitely know these vehicles over the history are adding up zeros of cash in a death race between wealthy auctioneers.

This is not the first nor the last Cali to go for a few million more. Back in December a long-wheelbase version sold for just over $7.6 million back in December. There is also a sharper handling short-wheelbase model Cali that belongs to  DJ Chris Evans.

But why we mention this “not so famous worldwide” DJ is that for his Cali he cashed out $8.6million.


You can be certain that the Ferrari 250 versions are amongst the most expensive car auctioned in the last five out of seven years. There was even a GTO sold in 2014 at a mind-boggling $35million.

Still the 1961 California estimated by the RM Auctions and auctioned next month in Villa Erba to be between 11 and 13 million euros next month in Villa Erba but also it’s expected this price to be topped for another million or two.


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