Watch How Ford GT350 Shelby Gets Shivers Of Cold

ford gt350 shelby, mustang shelby gt350

With the weather getting feistier with every passing year Ford is not backing down and in a new wave of car development practices it has subjected the Ford GT350 Shelby to rigorous cold weather testing. To be honest Ford is doing this to all of their vehicles. This fascinating video shows exactly how extreme testing is done.

Ford GT350 Shelby is blasted with ultra-cold air until it literally ices over. They do this just to see exactly where snow and ice builds up and how the machine responds to the circumstances. Maybe it’s interesting to watch the beauty of Ford GT350 Shelby go through this, but things get very, very cold and extreme on that fine car.

As we are expecting an never before seen antarctic winter we can rest assured that Ford has our back covered, that is if you are an owner of one of it’s fine cars like the Mustang Shelby GT350.

ford gt350 shelby, mustang shelby gt350

To be honest and very serious, all of that weather testing plays a very big part of vehicle development. Automakers spend plenty of resources and cash for testing. They often ship their vehicles to different places all over the world and perform various durability testing. But even with this there are some tests that can’t or is just best they are done in a controlled environment.

That’s what climate chambers are for. In this case Ford is particularly hard on the Mustang Shelby GT350, they allow their engineers to subject these brand new cars to temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 131 degrees. In the process they constantly change the humidity,wind speed, road load, and altitude.

The chamber among other things can simulate harsh climate and even snow, which how you wind up with a Mustang Shelby GT350 engine bay looking like it spent a whole month in your freezer.

All of this is very impressive to watch. So sit back and see the Ford experts explain all of the nuts and bolts of the chamber, and of course see what it looks like when they subject the newest Mustang Shelby GT350 into the deep freeze accompanied with snow, frost and wind.


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