Ford will make only 37 Shelby GT350Rs

Well, it’s ambiguous to us why Ford announced its intention to construct just 37 models of the murderously gorgeous GT350R Mustang. If you have the cash ready for a new vehicle then quickly place your order.

What’s special about the Shelby GT350R is that it’s the hardest Mustang ever made. A couple of months back at the Detroit motor show the people from Ford revealed the key specs of the car. it’s sporting an extreme diet, as well as fancy dampers, and a 500+ horsepower V8 engine and trick aero.


So naturally it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ford on the 50th anniversary of the Shelby GT350 confirmed that this mighty and track-ready Mustang, that actually doesn’t have rear seats, boot carpet ор ан air con among other things will be built in very limited quantities.

There’s always the question why exactly 37. This is how things stand. If are a fan of Shelby and somewhat an enthusiast for the whole legacy, according to Ford, at some point in your life you will engage in a ‘heated debate’ about the number of 1965 GT350 competition models that were once originally built.

In Memory of Carroll Shelby

The main reason about this is that the late and great Carroll Shelby insisted that there should be two prototype cars and 35 production models.


But a lot of records show only 34 production models that received serial numbers that originate from the Shelby production. That’s why for this year, Ford plans everything well and they’ll make sure that there’s no confusion about the actual number of GT350R models constructed. And that’s why dear readers there will be only 37 cars built in Carroll Shelby’s memory.

Aero package, Adjustable Dampers and a Torsen Differential

If you aren’t in the lucky 37 to get this beautiful beast, which also has a new aero package, adjustable dampers and a Torsen differential you can always go for a standard version of the GT350. The only information at this point is missing is the price.

Also for 2015, there are a 100 GT350s scheduled for construction before Ford is switching to the 2016 MY designation. Of the whole 100, 50 of the cars will be equipped with a Tech Pack, and the other 50 will have something called the Track Pack.

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