Hyundai Shows Seoul a Motorcycle-Inspired CUV: HND-12 Enduro Concept

Hyundai Enduro

While the New York Auto Show was getting big attention with all the major debuts happening there…

…Seoul, South Korea, was celebrating its own automotive event.

At the event, Hyundai revealed a new three-door crossover concept named the HND-12 Enduro which is inspired by long-distance, off road motorcycles.

Despite its robust inspiration, this concept is not made to get dirty, rather, the Hyundai Enduro is focused at people living in cities “with athletic, energetic lifestyles,” as stated by Hyundai.

The result seems just like a Veloster after spending a lot of time at the gym that’s mixed with a smaller take on the Intrado concept.

To fit into the Hyundai’s modern style:

the Enduro wears a hexagonal grille, but includes a polished aluminum blade at the bottom that wraps around to a the muscular, black-cladded fenders.

Still having its higher ride height, the concept a bit more looks like a sporty three-door hatch than a CUV in profile.

Regarding the roof, it has just the slightest curve which leads to a tiny rear window, that is outlined almost completely by the taillights. To provide a bit more utility, side steps near the rear wheels makes it easier to load the top, however, good luck finding more room up there to carry anything.

Although, one neat feature is a sliding storage drawer that is hidden in the bumper just below the hatch.

The interior of the Enduro is driver-focused with the center console and dashboard covering the pilot.

Also, Hyundai designers are trying to bring some motorcycle cues with a steering wheel motivated by the hand moldings of a road bike.

While only a concept for now, power from the Enduro arrives from Hyundai’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and it is linked to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.



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