Lexus Gets Desperate, Tries To Justify Why Its RC 350 Is Better Than A BMW 435i

2015 bmw 435i, 2015 rc 350

Sometimes battling for buyers among the automakers seems strange and even funny, especially when they try to justify their cars performance by comparing it on a commercial, just like Lexus did for its 2015 RC 350 when it compared it with BMW’s 2015 435i series. We can all agree that the new video from Lexus in which they compare the 2015 RC 350 with a 2015 BMW 435i is at the most bizarre, and we would even go as far as to say that it borders on desperation.

In short, a Lexus spokeswoman is trying to highlight sort of speak, all the advantages that the newest Lexus coupe has against the top of the range version of the BMW 4 Series. Just for comparison the BMW 435 i price is set from $40,500 while the Lexus 2015 RC 350 $42,790.

2015 bmw 435i, 2015 rc 350

In the video she mentions differences like the six more horsepower developed by the naturally aspirated, 3.5-liter V-6 from the Lexus RC350, its “sports car”center console, a fresher exterior design of the model, and certain bits and pieces that come in standard on the Lexus and are optional extras on the 2015 BMW 435i. In theory, this type of marketing would make the RC350 sound like the best-buying option in its segment, but if you take a look at the amount of negative comments that the footage received it becomes apparent that the result is a bit far from showing that.

Interestingly enough when it comes to things you that are measurable, lets say like the engine output, Lexus in its video accurately points out all of the 306 horsepower of the RC 350’s of it’s of course naturally-aspirated V-6 motor are higher than the 300 hp of the 435i’s turbocharged in-line six. In all of this praise the guys from Lexus miss out on the fact  and don’t mention that the BMW has more torque or to be more exact, 300 pound-feet for the BMW versus the Lexus’ 277 lb-ft.

What Lexus also fail to mention is that the 435i will also reach 60 mph from rest 0.5 of a second quicker than the Lexus RC 350, 5.3 seconds for the BMW versus 5.8 seconds for the Lexus. And like every video that’s made only for praise, this one as well doesn’t have all of the stuff one might see in a more objective point of view, like most of the auto websites are. Just to bring the point to a close we can also add that even BMW’s 240-hp 428i will outrun the RC 350 Coupe to 60 mph, as it needs just 5.7 seconds for this.

Lets get one thing straight we love Lexus and we also like the RC car, seriously is not a bad car especially the RC F trim. We only have a beef with the video and probably Lexus would have been better off making a video pointing out the car’s long list of merits in isolation. And we are sure that most of the passionate drivers and shoppers are smart enough to do their own firm research before making a purchase choice knowing the BMW 435 i price and the 2015 RC 350 one.



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