SR Auto Group Gives the Challenger Hellcat Sharper Claws

Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat Featured

The Hellcat is one of the most badass vehicles that rolled off the factory line in 2014.

Challenger didn’t care much about the downsizing of engines, the fuel economy standards, or being efficient in any sense except when it comes to shredding rear tires.

Right after its introducing, the Challenger Hellcat ended up being an instant hit…

…and its supercharged, 6.2-liter V-8 engine pumping out 707 horsepower is a sought-after muscle car around the globe.

Now SR Auto Group happened, and the Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat was born.

Check it out:

American muscle with Canadian flair.


One of these ferocious felines end up in Vancouver’s SR Auto Group.

They gave the Challenger Hellcat a custom-tailored treatment with the help of Liberty Walk, Airrex, and PUR Wheels.

The Guys from SR Auto Group team started the Challenger’s conversion with a Liberty Walk widebody kit that features front and rear fender flares with exposed bolt apertures. The wider, utilitarian look emphasizes the wide, long profile of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat…

…and gives it a straightforward, no BS look.


After they equipped it with the wider Liberty Walk fenders…

…the SR Auto Group team moved the focus to the suspension.

The whole car was slammed to the ground after the Challenger was geared up with an Airrex air suspension system that allows drivers to adjust the ride height on the fly.


In order to fill in those wide Liberty Walk fenders SR Auto Group also installed a new set of PUR LG01 forged wheels.

The three-piece step-lip wheels measure a staggered 11.0 x 20 up front and 12.0 x 20 at the rear, and wear a slick gloss gold face with polished lips to contrast the white and black bodywork.


It is never easy to ignore the roaring supercharger of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat as it is…

…and yet this Liberty Walk widebody monster with PUR Wheels by SR Auto Group is a real show-stopper.

Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat by SR Auto Group Specifications

Wheels and Suspension:

  • Wheels: PUR LG01 three-piece, step-lip forged alloy
  • Wheel Finish: Gloss Gold Face, Polished Step Lips
  • Front Wheels: 11.0 x 20
  • Rear Wheels: 12.0 x 20
  • Suspension: Airrex air system


  • Liberty Walk front fender flares
  • Liberty Walk rear fender flares

Source: SR Auto Group

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