McLaren 675 LT Officially Confirmed

McLaren 675 LT

The McLaren 675 LT sure brings out a lot of questions, from being the one series that reminds us why we really want one in our garage to that is it a more hard-core, track-focused version of the 650S. Of course the LT is somewhat a homage to the McLaren F1 GTR also known as ‘LongTail’.

This mighty McLaren new car comes with optimized aerodynamics, increased downforce, driver engagement, power and reduced weight. Even though the name suggests that the McLaren 675 LT has that amount of horsepower, the car actually has a devilish number of 666 horsepower.

The powertrain of this beast will have 500lb ft of torque from its 3.8 twin-turbo V8. What’s known is that the same engine can do 727 hp in the P1 at 35 psi. With Also important is the weight savings, which is believed to be 220 pounds, putting the McLaren 675 LT’s weight at somewhere around 2,711 pounds dry.

mclaren 675 lt

But McLaren doesn’t just put number for fun on its vehicles. Officials say that the 675 is actually the power produced by the engine in PS, which is a slightly different method of measuring power output.

The LT comes only in Coupe bodystyle. The iconic Longtail name made its debut during the 1997 season of sportscar racing, and saw a legendary model from McLaren on the grids around the world evolve into the most efficient race-focused version seen to-date.

mclaren 675 lt

McLaren only gained momentum with this new model winning some tough competitions two seasons before the long tail like the win on its debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995. The company is constantly evolving its sports cars and moving the benchmark even further which can be seen even today.

Formula 1™ knowledge and experience, and the know-how gained from the pinnacle of the sport created the purest version of a true world-beater.

This new barely legal racer will be in the center of attention on McLaren’s stand at the 2015 Geneva motor show. It is the proud successor to the F1 GTR Longtail that has been the most campaigned car by the company.

Lets get back to the name just a bit more. We said that the numbering 675 which is actually the output in metric horsepower, or PS but still you get 666 horsepower to play around your local highway.


And when we say more power it also means extra aerodynamics, and with that more downforce and less weight which makes this car a pretty mean upgrade to the 650.
However, no more official details, performance figures or even explanations of just how much longer the 675 are available yet they want us to fantasize a bit more till the official release of this beauty.

By now you are surely wondering where you can buy this powerful Longtail. Well to be clear officials say that sales will start later in 2015. As we said earlier this monster will be available only as a coupe and it will be a road-legal member of the burgeoning McLaren Super Series range of cars alongside the 650S and Asia-only 625C.

Source: MotorWard


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