McLaren P1 GTR Hits the Track with Its Spiritual Ancestor [w/ poll & video]

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren wants to show the moto-world that they’re not hitting on the brakes when it comes to making monstrous racing cars. The Mclaren P1 GTR is an even more wilder version of the acclaimed P1 that will be maybe the fastest, most technologically advanced vehicle to fill McLaren’s garage with a Formula 1 outfit. You will see a lot of big numbers in this article so don’t be surprised.  The Mclaren P1 GTR owners can crank up 986b horsepower from the engine with a downforce that is up to 660 kg at 150 mph.

3799 cc ‘M838T’ twin turbo V8

As well as the McLaren P1 specs The Mclaren P1 GTR aslo has an exceptionally mighty powertrain. As in the road-legal P1, McLaren’s familiar 3799 cc ‘M838T’ twin turbo V8 will have a helping hand from an electric motor.

The Instant Power Assist System, has been revised to increase overall power from 903 to 986 horsepower. The output that comes from the V8, actually runs at 2.4 bar of boost. This is a few level up from the previous version from 727 to 789 horsepower. The electric motor is not some weak edition you got that by now, and it generates around 197 horsepower.

These changes play a significant role just because the guys at McLaren decided that besides the gear, the software also needed a big update so it can cope with all that power. That’s why the motorsport ignition coils are also here. With an updated ignition system, drivers can be happy to know that they can put race fuel as well.

One more thing we can see in the McLaren P1 specs that the cylinder head gasket has been replaced . It now allows for an even higher combustion. You are surely wondering where do those exhaust gases go now. The guys from McLaren came up with the idea of two large outlets made from a superalloy called Inconel, that is famous for its endurance in extreme environments.

Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch System

And yes, McLaren has all the right to be secretive about the details of the The Mclaren P1 GTR’s transmission.

We can say with confidence that the seven-speed dual-clutch system is based on the Graziano unit. And yes as you suspected this one is also tuned. It has a honorable job of coping with even more power and torque. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this monstrous car has  Formula-1 gear coatings and with that of course comes the use of race oil.

Ultra-Lightweight Carbon fibre Monocoque Chassis

Another thing that separates the The Mclaren P1 GTR from the McLaren P1 specs is actually wider and more pugnacious.

The McLaren engineers managed to widen the front by a 80 mm. In comparison the GTR is around 27mm narrower than the mighty 650S GT3, although the real headline concerns ride-height.
On the other hand the The Mclaren P1 GTR is really an ultimate race car. It’s practically grounded. It’s actually 55 mm lower to the than the normal P1. The tricky part is that, even though aerodynamics are way more superior with this tweak at higher speeds the car is really touching the ground. Elsewhere, the P1’s ultra-lightweight carbon fibre monocoque chassis remains.

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