Mercedes & LG Keep You Awake and Safe While You Drive

CES 2015 turned out to be a very big event for Mercedes-Benz and all of its development for new and innovative technology. On of those technologies is made together with LG. The Korean company revealed it’s plans to supply the mono and stereo camera systems for future Mercedes vehicles. The primary function is to keep the cars in their lanes, dim the headlights, wait for it, brake autonomously, and spot pedestrians or cyclists on the route.

The automaker is going on a tech-frenzy unveiling its plans for self-driving and automatic braking cars and to show off its crazy looking prototype of the future, the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in action. It had inward facing seats, set around a little coffee table, LED displays front and back to communicate with other drivers and pedestrians, and gesture recognition, so it can be controlled with body movements.

mercedes-f-015-press-ces-2015-1887, automatic braking cars

Other new features by the Korean company also include a supply of biometric systems to monitor the driver’s eye movement and alertness. This will go along with the mobile and home entertainment technology upgrade. Mercedes, in turn, will license part of its 6D Vision self-driving tech back to LG to use with other automakers.

While we won’t see full autopilot self-driving cars like the ones Google has, both LG and Mercedes are exploring semi-autonomous systems. In other words they are developing tech that will allow the driver to transfer some tasks to the smart vehicle which is awfully similar to what Volvo and other automakers are doing. Mercedes has also been testing their driver-assist systems in its trucks as well.

The company’s self-driving S-Class cars will soon hit California’s highways to analyze and calibrate it’s system to eight-lane highways, four-way stops and other North American-unique traffic situations. Mercedes said that commercialized self-driving cars and trucks are at least a decade away, but we may see these autonomous cars roll out some a year or two earlier.

Mercedes-Benz F015, automatic braking cars

Mercedes-Benz also wants to help those long-haul drivers use their time on the road to be a little more productive and even free to do a lot of other stuff they could only dream of doing while driving. This will become a reality with the project Future Truck 2025. Its a semi-autonomous concept vehicle that takes the Google car on a completely different level on the highway.

This will be done with a combination of radar and stereo cameras that keeps the machine on the right course when it picks up an optimal speed for the computer to do its magic. Exactly this feature frees the driver to check up on the family or get work done. It will be build that way so it can communicate with other vehicles for crucial information about upcoming construction or traffic jams. You won’t have to react even in emergencies because the truck/car will be smart enough to get out of the way if an ambulance or any other emergency vehicle comes speeding by. We can’t wait for this technology to hit the market it will definitely bring a new era in the automotive industry.


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