Mini Superleggera gets the green light, not?

Mini Superleggera

There was a reason to be existed for the new Mini Superleggera Vision Concept, and now it’s gone.

I mean it’s not quite as confirmed as we thought it was. And to make speculations even worse, that same “high-profile” source that put the worm out about the confirmation of the sweet two-seater stated that he doesn’t see even a mini Mini.



The Mini boss, Peter Schwarzenbauer yesterday crushed the report that speculated about the new Mini Superleggera. In an interview for the Automotive News he also said that he most definitely doesn’t really oppose the fine idea for a new Superleggera lineup.

Boss Schawarzenbauer says it’s unlikely

“I cannot confirm that it has been approved yet but it would be a great addition to the Mini range” says Schwarzenbauer.

What we get from his interviews is that Schwarzenbauer is not that big of a fan of small entry-level mini Mini that’s basically based on the Rocketman Concept.


There was a lingering rumor that Mini was getting ready for a smaller, more to say budget model that was in line with the original Morris Minis and Austin rather than the more high-end sub-compact model that BMW was selling in the past 13 years.

A Partnership With Toyota?

To make things even more interesting the company allegedly is in collaboration with Toyota for the development project about the new compact model.
Reports state that as recently as January that the automaker and its partners from Japan would make an entirely new platform for the Minor. But that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case  right now.

There are a lot of questions that are raised in the past months since we were teased of the alleged arrival of the Mini Superleggera. First off is will Mini get back to its roots with the affordable, Rocketman-based Minor, or should it keep on making stuff like it’s doing right now? And last but not least what will be become of the Superleggera Vision Concept?


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