Musk: Autonomous Vehicles Will Lead To Future Where Driving Is Illegal

autonomous vehicles
TheChief executive of Tesla, Elon Musk is taking a big step forward with the announcement of that the automaker which specializes in high-end electric cars will eventually introduce a groundbreaking autonomous technology by the end of this summer.

This revolutionary technology will allow drivers to sit back and enjoy the ride while their cars take the control on long trips on the highways.

Mr. Musk says that in the not so distant future your car won’t need a mechanic for repairs it will only need a software update.

Autonomous Vehicles

He says that they will give Tesla’s Model S sedans the ability to completing a route themselves. Well at least part of the time, this is so much like the technology that is already in use in airplanes. The hands-free mode at Tesla’s HQ is referred to as an autopilot.

The automaker Tesla is best known for its electric vehicles, and it’s CEO future plans involve it to become the leader in the newborn self-driving car industry.

Of course Tesla is not the only company that has it’s eyes set on dominating in the self-driving car industry. Tesla based in The Silicon Valley has some really tough competition with the likes of the almighty Google and even possibly Apple.

The Race for Autonomous Vehicles is Getting Much Bigger

And if you thought that the legacy car-makers like Audi and BMW will leave out of this race you are so wrong because they are also working on several concepts for autonomous vehicles.

He thinks that in the distant future, people might just abandon driving cars and label it as too dangerous, adding that a person driving would turn a car into a two-ton death machine.

Musk knows that a lot of people that buy his cars actually want them for driving so he took to Twitter to clarify his own position on the matter, stating his company “is strongly in favor of people being allowed to drive their cars and always will be. Musk believes that NVIDIA’s work will be a great asset for Tesla’s future efforts.


NVIDIA also revealed more details about the Drive PX. This is the company’s developer platform for self-driving cars that was first unveiled in January.Drive PX is somewhat an answer to Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay and will be available for automakers, automotive suppliers and research institutions by May for a mere sum of $10,000.

NVIDIA the Drive PX and the Future of Driverless Cars

The NVIDIA event comes just days after Elon Musk teased an upcoming announcement that would ends Tesla owners’ “range anxiety.

We can see from the photo that Elon’s hands are on the steering wheel now, but the Tesla CEO is keen to make a future where autonomous vehicles will ultimately lead to banning human intervention in driving.

Tesla Model S Electric Cars

Which frankly for us as automobile aficionados at this moment is quite unacceptable. As for Nvidia, the high-profile chipmaker is working up a new strategy for selling a purpose-built autonomous-vehicle computer that is the Drive PX.

It will be based upon the all-new Tegra X1 mobile processor. The system will be build with 12 inputs for high-res cameras something like the kind Tesla is equipping on its Model S right now.

Musk says that the engineers over at Tesla are working hard on improving their autonomous technology. The team believes that the technology will be able to give greater control of the wheel on the highway in just a couple of years.

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