NBA Star Has Superhero-Themed Challenger Hellcat and it’s Red

Ok, I admit it’s not usual for me to write about entertainment related topics.

But the reason I chose this information is because I love Challengers more than I hate gossip.

And this pimped out ride owned by the eccentric and always scandalous center for the Houston Rockets, Dwight Howard is really nice, and in a way reeks of geekiness.

As for Dwight, he is an all out villain in the showbiz world and no matter what he does, and no matter how hard he tries…

…he’s one of those celebrities that is always criticized.

And when you type out his name in Google chances are you’ll click on another scandal with his name on it.

If you start blaming you’ll be caught up between his loud personality and the popular opinion that he’s an overall underachiever.

All of this summed up is nothing after he decided to unsuccessfully nick the ‘Superman” (Man of Steel) moment from Shaquille O’Neal.


His radical behavior now is accompanied with a new radical ride, a modded version of an already modded version of the Challenger, the Hellcat SRT.

The gossip is as follows:

Troublemaker Howard wants to abandon the nickname Superman which anyway already belongs to master Shaq, and has all the love for his new favorite superhero, the Flash.

Which unfortunately for Howard is actually the nickname of another NBA star player Dwyane Wade.

His new superhero love has made him completely customize his smoking fast Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

There is also a bit of synchronicity involved, the colors that represent Flash are the same colors that his current team the Houston Rockets has.


And despite all of the subjective bias we can say that this car is unique in its own strange way.

Howard decided to customize every little detail and leave nothing as it was.

Now you might ask for the price of the full customization, well we were also intrigued.

The pimp out reportedly cost the NBA star around $65,000 which is pretty much what the car cost in the first place.

You can find the Flash logo on the hood and also on the gas cap Forgiatos.

He also equipped the car with new embroidered leather seats, and he even integrated his very own custom lighting system.

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