New Alfa Romeo 2015 Models Will Have ‘Ferrari-derived’ Six-Cylinder Engines

New Alfa Romeo 2015 Models

Maybe we have to make terms that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is selling off its share of the grand Ferrari

…but this is not stopping the legendary brand of cooperating further in the future.

Nobody!!! is foolish enough to turn down an opportunity to make their new engine intended for future market models labeled with the name Ferrari.

The news broke in an announcement directly from the FCA boss Sergio Marchionne who said that there will be two new engines for their new Alfa Romeo 2015 models.

Rather borrowing various engines from other automakers, Alfa together with the FCA will start refreshing their catalog, and will do that from scratch to gain an even more firm future identity.

Ferrari derived engines

As reports show the engine labeled Ferrari will actually be a six-cylinder…

…while the second engine will apparently be a high-output four cylinder.

It’s also expected Alfa Romeo to pull out both Gasoline and diesel versions of the engines.

We shouldn’t be surprised if we also see a high-performance version of the six-cylinder for meaner Alfa models that even Ferrari might just use on a small sports car.


I personally didn’t expect this to be an outsourcing job so as expected both engines will be assembled at the factory in Termoli, Italy.

The FCA  has expectations to see around 200,000 of these brand new engines per year when production will crank up.

These engines are part of a massive expansion plan that will be crucial for Alfa Romeo if it wants to return to the highest of ranks when it comes to full-line automakers.

Expanding the current lineup

At the moment the global lineup of the Alfa Romeo consists of three models:

The Giulietta hatchbacks and MiTo as well as the 4C sports car.

The downside is that the U.S. consumers only get the 4C in two versions, coupe and convertible forms…

…which is only built in small numbers.

But still the Italian automaker still hopes to expand its current lineup to eight models in three years.

They also want to include new compact models, one midsize upgrade for the old 159 sedan, and a full-size luxury model, and eventually one crossover.

What’s different in the sales tactics:

Is that with these models Alfa Romeo will be offering the vehicles in the U.S. as well.

It will be a matter of time before the suburban dad can go to the auto dealer and buy himself and the family a car that has a “Ferrari engine” under the hood.

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