You’ll Park The New BMW 7 Series Cars with a Remote Control

new bmw 7 series 2016

You can agree that carmakers are taking the smart technologies inside their vehicles and are doing it ever so aggressively.

That’s what the guys from BMW are trying to implement in their new deluxe 7 series.

The 2016 model will make your inner child scream with joy with some of those Bond-worthy gadgets.

What I have always dreamt of is…

…to get out of the car and the remote control parking module to do the rest.

And guys it’s really happening, these new BMW 7 series 2016 will be the first to have this technology implemented in a production vehicle.

We all saw the demo system done by Audi, Volvo and now BMW as well.

1. The mighty BMW Display Key

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With the help of the BMW Display Key, a fine little gadget equipped with a touchscreen…

…with just a flick the car itself can swiftly park in and out of the designated space in a fully automatic process.

Of course, this is not a new technology, the self-parking mechanism is already implemented in the BMW’s i3 electric car and many others for that matter.

But the new BMW 7 Series 2016 are the first that actually help you park when you’re not even in the vehicle.

Another excellent but still a no-show feature is the gesture control…

2. You’ll also get gesture control

This tech will enable you to wave your hands around the front console:

for example, to accept or put on hold phone calls, as well as controlling the overall media volume.

Alongside the full touchscreen functionality, the media system will accept gestures made with a single finger, two fingers and of course full hand gesture movements.

The guys from BMW say that the drivers will be able to create their own custom gestures for other functions.

The German carmaker also has a cherry on top of these very neat features:

The new production cars will get their very own driving assistant systems that include directional and steering control assistance…

…as well as lane departure warnings and cross traffic notifications.

The body of the car has a fair amount of copious carbon fiber making it 130 kg (280 pounds) less curb weight.

As well as having highly tunable sport drive dynamics with the help of an air suspension.

The pricing is yet to be revealed, but we know as a fact that the 2015 models start at around $68,500 and can go way up to $130,000.

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