Feel The Luxury: The New Lincoln Continental (w/videos)

New Lincoln Continental

Lincoln is making a big splash in New York this week, presenting the new Lincoln Continental Concept you see here. Not just does this return an iconic bit of Lincoln nomenclature (at the way a few competitors are making things more complicated), it previews the new Continental full-size sedan that will appear on the market next year.

This is a concept which for us signals the future of what we call quiet luxury – Ford Motor Company president and CEO, Mark Fields, said during an event Sunday. “The Concept is a very strong hint – I’ll underline, very strong hint – as to what you’ll see in the production vehicle.”

Probably there are no other words to say it: the new Lincoln Continental looks stunning. It’s a long, low-slung sedan, with a shape that’s reminiscent of the Ford Interceptor Concept from 2007.

But this car is all Lincoln, and presents a bunch of new design which signals that it will surely work their way across the brand’s range. What is most notable is the fact that the split-wing grille is gone, with this new chrome centerpiece showing a “new face for Lincoln”.

The Continental also features LED matrix headlamps, with laser-assist high-beams and tiny Lincoln logos embedded inside.

When it comes to the doors, Lincoln uses “E-Latch” handles that tuck discreetly into the Continental’s beltine. This concept rolls on smooth aluminum, 21-inch wheels with painted pockets.

Up above, the new Lincoln Continental has an SPD SmartGlass tinting sunroof which could provide the interior up to 18 degrees cooler.

Around back. The new Lincoln Continental model will have a wide, planted stance, with taillamps that stretched from side to side.

These lamps are having “light-through-chrome” technology, and that means that they have a chrome look when not illuminated. Rounding-out the complete design are slim, wide exhaust outlets that look exceptional.

This time the main focus of the Continental will be the luxury, and Lincoln says this car is using “the brand’s most sensual materials ever.” Luxury style will include Venetian leather seats and door panels, a satin headliner and wool carpet. It will also include Alcantara on the seat inserts and armrests.

Also, the Lighting is a key element, with an ambient glow that radiates inside the cabin and “soft-gold” LED lights in the center console.

In order to provide the comfort inside, the Continental’s 30-way seats are said to shape to passengers’ sizes and forms. Back seat passengers have its best, with a two-seat layout, a champagne storage compartment, tray tables and detachable, handmade Venetian leather travel cases.

It’s the sort of thing you would expect in a long-wheelbase S-Class, and reveals Lincoln’s motive to recover its historic position among the world’s best brands (no matter if it has a long way to go in the showroom).

Lincoln is not going to reveal a lot of details about what we can expect under the hood, only stating that the Continental will use an all-new, 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 that is stated to be exclusive to the brand. Mum’s the word about drivetrain as well, but we’re really hoping for rear-wheel drive – in line with long-standing rumors.

It doesn’t matter, the new Lincoln Continental Concept looks like a seriously sweet thing, and we will hardly wait to see how it transforms into a production car next year.


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