The New Porsche Macan Crossover Could Be The Company’s Most Popular Model By This Year

New Porsche Macan Crossover

In a move that nobody will surprise, Porsche claims it can see the new Porsche Macan crossover model take over the top sales spot from the best selling Cayenne.

For a many years, the Cayenne has been a volume leader for the German car maker. Now that the Macan will get a full calendar year of sales under its belt in 2015, the guys from Porsche are in expectations for this model to get the crown away from its larger sibling, Reuters reports.

Actually, this can make sense, taking into mind that the new Porsche Macan is more low-cost model. Still, by all accounts, it really is a blast to drive as well.

The Macan, similar like the Boxster, should prove to be a gateway Porsche drug for well heeled car buyers. Actually, as opposed to the Boxster, the new Porsche Macan is practical on a daily basis many thanks to its passenger and cargo space.

In 2014, Porsche sold 7,241 Macans in US. That vehicle landed in the car dealerships in Mid-May of the prior year. During the course of the 2014 calendar year, 16,000 Cayennes sold here in the US. It’s expected for the 2015 Porsche Macan to make a strong move forward, and we all should expect it to rise to the top of the product sales ladder.Additionally, the more Macan vehicles Porche sells indicates the higher number of 911 and Cayman variations it gets to create.

And we are fine with that. Long live the Macan!

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