The Due Date of the Next-Gen Porsche Panamera Revealed

Porsche Panamera

You thought that with the latest iteration of the Porsche Panamera already in dealerships, and versions in stock including short and long wheelbase models. As well as an option for a V6 or V8 engines, there is also a turbocharged, and a hybrid one the automaker would stop there at least for this year.

Base Price From Around $79K And Up Up Up

And of course, the Porsche Panamera cost is ranging from around $79K and goes up all the way to $200K and over. The facts imply that there’s really little left for the guys from Porsche to do with the Panamera other than to bring out a replacement.

This fine looking car was first introduced in 2009 and we are eagerly expecting a much improved Panamera 2.0.

According to Indian Autos Blog, Porsche CEO Matthias Müller stated that a second-generation Porsche Panamera is bound to appear in the second half of next year, and at first it will be eligible to buyers that live in Europe.

When it comes to design it will probably feature the same design principles that are present in the current model. The guess is that it will overall have more modern details.

The Porsche Panamera May be unveiled Just in Time For The 2016 Paris Auto Show

Porsche Panamera

One thing the report did not actually specify is whether Müller was referring to the appearance of the car in public, an auto-show debut later this year or even next year or an actual market introduction.

On the other hand if the report is correct, we won’t be surprised to see it being unveiled in time for the 2016 Paris Auto Show or even if that falls short at the New York auto show next spring accompanied with a market debut in the fall.

In the report an unnamed sources claims are cited that the Porsche Panamera would might just lose nearly 200 pounds for the next-gen vehicle which is met with positive critics purely because now the downsizing and weight reduction is pretty much a popular trend in the industry. One things certain that the report did not unveil which Porsche Panamera variants we will see first.

Best practices have taught us that is surely expected Porsche to launch additional Panamera body styles. This will include a smaller, more coupe like version and a long-roof wagon-like version that follows the sexy lines of the Sport Turismo concept that first appeared at the 2012 Paris auto show.


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